7 Years Ago
Combat animation changes Melee bots will now finish their attack instead of stopping mid-animation Override attack anims on AI characters are now an array that gets used randomly New combo for Sword guy MovementState is now set through a method on CharacterBase, not by directly setting the variable (makes debugging easier) Added a new combo montage for the sword guy, randomly picks between that and the old behaviour Fixed being able to climb on other unts Added a GetAllActorsOfClass to DoLedgeTrace which is probably bad for performance - I think this was a recent regression (last successful steam build doesn't have this issue) so not entirely sure what's changed. New combo for big sword guy Just one attack, his size makes it difficult for animations to work (swings above players head, sword hits ground,etc) Barrels can now burn Wooden shields can now be set on fire and destroyed by fire Status Effects applied to an actor are now automatically applied to any attached actors, so wooden shield gets set on fire when the holder is set on fire.