3 Years Ago
Initial pass at getting coverage for Client functions in API changes lobby initialization and makes lobbylist filter easier Updates Lobby to work for both Lobby members and Lobby Owners Uses a more rigurous approach to LobbyData and uses it as a cache for string-able values to be able to be retrieved by members and set only by the owner. Caches created LobbyType to be assigned as a LobbyData to be referenced by other members in the lobby. Because there is no GetLobbyType, provides a layer in which all users can get a LobbyType from LobbyData. Gives LobbyList the ability to be queried for if it is Finished or not. A lobby refresh will finish when the number of cached lobbies equals the number of requests. Adds in test functions for Lobby functionality in Steamworks Adds in ability to send Lobby messages Also adds in some callbacks around being invited to a lobby, as well callbacks for being requested to join a lobby. Implements ability for a user to set/get individual user metadata for the joined lobby Updates Readme with basic Lobby Info Fixes bug where LobbyList wouldn't report finished if it returned 0 lobbies Cleans up some comments Simple comment update Small README update and adjusts doc tags for Lobby functions. Merge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/Facepunch/master' Merge pull request #56 from kkukshtel/master Adds in Lobby functionality to library Nicer shutdown, I think fixes bug where Lobby Owner was unable to be set Fixes issue where Lobby Owner was being imporperly cached and not updating with the Lobby state. Merge pull request #62 from kkukshtel/master Throw exception if trying to initialize without destroying old instance Console errors on init failure Added ServerRequest.OnServerResponded, OnFinished Use IPAddress Added support for publishing workshop items to the main app from another app. Merge pull request #66 from MollerVictor/master Added support for publishing workshop items to the main app from anot… Compile fixes, netstandard2.0 Added .NET 4.0 Merge pull request #71 from Phyxion/patch-2 Added .NET 4.0 NormalizePath fix for non-windows Merge branch 'master' into workshop