3 Years Ago
PropertyAttribute json fix HudComponent.SetValue throw decent errors on fail Update ClassInfo on hotload OnNetworkVariableReceived doesn't use codegen Merge branch 'master' of SandboxGame Register classes in Sandbox.Library and Sandbox.Public Serializers Update facepunch.mp4 ListSerializer more explicit Added INetworkEntityReference EntityListSerializer implements INetworkSerializable Merge branch 'master' of SandboxGame Call MarkDirty instead of backing field stuff MarkDirty virutal Merge branch 'master' of SandboxGame Implemented NetworkList.Serialize Implemented OnReplicatedPropertyChanged Take propery name from attribute Starting codegen simplify LinePreserve Strip initializer if custombackingfield Compiler show actual source instead of generated IProperty allows classes like ObservableCollection initialize their change callbacks NetworkedList uses IProperty RecvVar reads the target id (meaning child rpc classes should be able to have replicated vars) CompilerProxy clean PropertyAttribute allows properties without a Set accessor, ignores SetValue INetworkSerializable will only create ValueTypes, but will serialize to existing Classes Removed redundant INetworkSerializable List LAN servers in server browser Errors in one HUD component shouldn't kill the rest of them Lock change trigger when deserializing NetworkList Cleaning & Commenting CodeGen ReplicateAttribute doesn't try to replicate classes by default Organisation BackingField for RpcClient derived is NetworkRef<T> RpcClient => BaseNetworkable Set BackingField var Use Backing Field for ReadValue/WriteValue Clean up backing field Cleanup progress Project fixes Write OnCallRemoteProcedure Fixed idenfier Update BaseVehicle.cs Addon fixes handle params properly More var writers Array writing Merge branch 'master' into de-codegen Object serialization "using Sandbox generics type Fixed namespacing issues Write/Read bool Enum/Entity fixes more edge cases Serializer rewrite 4 Writer works InternalGenerated boilerplate Fill ReadObject/WriteObject No need for constructors, type can be worked out Enum serializer Color Serialize Write object type identifier Only visit assemblies once Default WantsMouse to true on HUD - stops cursor locking when loading refactor Cleaning codegen Removing Unused Reorganise Removing Unused Network Var Send Long/ULong serialize Make classes partial where we have to Replicated vars partial class members RecvVar Handle generics Backing field fix Properties strip back StartClass/EndClass Properties CodeGen Update IProperty.cs Moved NetworkList so it can be codegenned SetPropertyValue SetPropertyJson GetValues GetPropertyValue using System.Collections.Generic Check for PropertyAttribute Mark classes deived from PropertyClient as partial Fixed empty switches Removed Unused Handle Replicated IProperty SendReplicatedProperty Fixed WriteObject not returning after success WriteObject give better errors if couldn't write object type Rpc Type Fix Replicated var fix Strip unused Generate static property array per class GetProperties() becomes Properties Addon fixes Remove unused Remove unused Throw error if replicated IProperty with setter Create initializer if IProperty without one BaseCombatPlayer.Ammo is IProperty Chat fix Merge branch 'de-codegen'