4 Years Ago
Turn on incremental gc, bake reflection probe on awake in sandbox Move viewing lounge to proper tech tree location More what's new content Refresh sauna job Deleting a room with staff members in it now deletes the staff members Fixed resource hud popups being left on after deleting a room Moved room overcrowding toggles out of update and into jobs HUD popup nre fix Null out images before changing them in main menu logo, build notes, tech tree Decrease frequency of radio frequency events Tweaked star colours of currenct satisfaciton HUD Fixed missing icon on cheap clothing store Remove old luxury level field on props Clamp camera zoom level at very high frame rates Book case now uses stock Fixed some rooms still costing money during tutorial Fix some categories on utlity Maybe fixed a case where a prop wouldn't show a restock job indicator Updated old contracts to use new conditions, changed prereqs so they unlock, added two new satisfaction contracts Merge branch 'master' into demo