4 Years Ago
Better mouse interaction with leaderboard views Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity Replays pause on victory / defeat Fixed stages not being unlocked in steam builds CHIPPY-359: Added marquee for long usernames in replay sidebar CHIPPY-355: Added progress % to replay files Better handling of unrecognised replay versions CHIPPY-356: Fixed powerup switching prompts overlapping powerup name CHIPPY-358: Cleaned up pausing on victory / defeat while watching a replay Got rid of redundant FPS display Added exception handling to score submission worker threads fix storm core layer angles, other storm tweaks add missing lastSpeechTime property to octopus turret and fuse boss Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity more storm sfx invasion circle spokes sfx/variety invasion track spokes variety & sfx invasion diamond spew variety invasion redSpokes variety Added copyright footer Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity More subtle legal text, only on settings page Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity Fixed time text on victory screen sometimes showing 0% Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity invasion slowStart variety invasion fastDiamonds variety invasion x attack variety Fixed replay bug when changing powerup Added frame index to replay diagnostics Better replay frame hashing Fixed game lagging out when fast forwarding in editor and reaching the end of a replay Include frame index in replay diagnostics invasion spiralspokes variety more invasion variety increment game version / progression