2 Years Ago
Drop client if they fail handshake or auth Clamp penetration adjustment. Use box collider instead of capsule collider, capsules suck when resolving penetration for some reason. Disconnect and return to menu when cancelling on connecting screen Update Facepunch.Steamworks to get reason code and reason string OnDisconnected Always pass 0 reason code when closing connections, allows us to use customized debug reasons Use reason code 1001 for kicked from server messages Use reason code 1002 for ban messages Allow gamemodes to validate users before their connection is accepted. Can be dropped if blacklisted or not on a whitelist Use reason code 1003 for not whitelisted Add Global.EnableWhitelist, if it's disabled, use blacklist. Implement whitelisting and blacklisting from json saved in User Data. This is the default implementation for BaseGamemode, other gamemodes are free to override it Add gamemode callback for adding user to blacklist Save blacklist entry to json file when added Remove ban length from console command, isn't used yet