2 Years Ago
Try broadcasting entity transform each tick if ReplicateMovement is enabled Broadcast entity attachment if it has a parent Add entity relative scale Get sandbox gamemode compiling again, remove NetTest gamemode Fix toolgun click effect on listen server Add OnChange callback back to replicated vars (only when a var is recvd) Fix sandbox particle emitters not activating on spawn Replicate movement for all sandbox entities Remove attachment replication for now, needs to be designed better Add material list property for static model entity so that spawned models replicate initial material overrides Fix hitscan tool secondary fire not working when firing on client Remove base entity parent property for now, stalls client networking for some reason Only add model material path if it's valid Fix balloon pop effect not playing on listen server Call multicast rpc directly if we have authority Don't send multicast net message or netvar message to host Never send message to host when sending messages to all clients, should never need to do this Close all connections when shutting down server so client doesn't have to wait until a timeout Add disconnect reason 1004 for server shutdown Disconnect from current server before joining a new one with connect command Running connect command while connected just disconnects from current server for now to save some headache Use Trace instead of Info to clean up some spam logging from networking Add ViewAngles to IHasTools so physgun can use it for rotation Fix particle emitter name not being replicated and activated Fix model entity materials property not being generated when addons have their own properties Damage entities with hitscan right click explosion Custom collision responses for camera entity (ignore player) Right click for tracking camera. Only allow one camera spawn per player. Interp entity movement on remote entities Enable movement replication for sandbox entities