4 Years Ago
Fixed switch builds Fixed error when unloading custom music samples Stopped watching workshop files for changes Fixed bake dump / dll file paths for custom stages Fixed incorrect asset paths for data sources Another quick path fix First-time processing of subscribed workshop stages now working tweaks to camera size and player gun aim speed speech bubble size increased, FPS display some speech strings Added UI giving info about first-time custom stage setup Better path for cached workshop dlls Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity speech text added option to disable chromatic aberration Added button to open the workshop home page Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity Fixed progression of custom stages not being stored Better logic for showing / hiding percentile Validation dialogue now says which stage is being processed Fixed custom stage progression serialization Fixed core graphics of custom stages in the main menu Fixed core layer opacity / colour in the menu new example plugin included with build Fixed stageTime for cores in the main menu Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity Fixed incorrect button icons sometimes showing on switch / with dualshock Don't show upload button for example plugin Don't show upload button for items downloaded from the workshop Attempting to get mcs working in standalone builds Got mcs working at runtime! added new enemy pixels Added debug info generation for custom stage baking Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity unit calls hit handlers instead of pixelgroup Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity correct unit property names Fixed custom music sometimes not loading Fixed script baking issues related to aliases Fixed diagnostic fody weaving Fixed unsupported bake file version message Fixed possible error when baking CallMethod using an alias target Fixed _unitSpawnCounts divergence Fixed warning spam when performing replay diagnostics Stop validation mode when paused Added replay version info prompt added analog stick deadzones to options Update Jenkinsfile Create README.md Disable score submission in legacy builds Merge from master, score submission disabled warning prompt Merge branch 'legacy-v55' Update README.md core art for sliders Fixed possible compilation error while preparing to play a custom stage removed some debug stuff Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity Fixed workshop campaign stages not unlocking correctly Fixed long plugin names overflowing Fixed replay sidebar time text for endless mode Fix for workshop authors sometimes being [unknown] Better error message for unrecognised FSM action types Even better json parse failure handling crossfire new cores, tweaked pixel colors, boss disconnect effects, etc removed powerup position options new crossfire menu core fix typo build fix Fixed NRE when SubmitScoresInEditor is true Make sure we load archived replays after steam inits Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity Fixed case where button press would get consumed twice Experimenting with a relative aim mode for KB+M Reordered workshop items, added a divider Workshop update blog draft Renamed workshop campaign list title Workshop medal UI tweaks Don't show leaderboards on gameover in local custom levels Disable achievement unlocking from custom level scripts Don't show progress for local custom campaigns Fixed UI element disappearing in workshop menu All stages in a local custom campaign are unlocked Devblog polish Fixed NRE when steam isn't initialized Only animate button prompts if they can receive input Fixed case where workshop campaign would lose input focus Fixed controller input on replay menu Renamed "Score" to "Rating" Workshop campaign rating now uses star graphics Consider v55 and v56 the same Fixed possible NRE when browsing a leaderboard Fixed custom stage names in replay menu Default stage name for missing stages in replay menu Don't delete replays from unsubscribed workshop items Don't delete leaderboard replays from unsubscribed workshop stages Fixed leaderboard mode toggle sometimes not showing Don't unlock achievements in replays! :sweat_smile: Failsafe for achievement unlocking fix medusa achievement fix pixelgroup becoming invulnerable instead of being destroyed fix error when killing ship3 on storm/tentacle Custom game mode support, WIP Merge branch 'master' into gamemodes Fixed default game mode Record scores differently on submit Fixed useRawTime being the wrong way round Fixed typo on GameOver award display Added ProgressionTests Fixed core graphics trailing behind rotating units Fixed confirm prompt sometimes having the wrong buttons Merge branch 'master' into relative-aim Relative aim is now bindable Can now relative aim with empty space Fixed SnappySlider sound looping forever when disabled Workshop campaign list field tweaks, now show last updated time Updated Utils.FormatDuration Plugin title marquee on workshop campaign page fix wrong number of shield bubble effects showing Made sure int struct types can be marshalled properly Finishing touches with relative aim mode Fixed another cause of an incessant slider sound Include current stage name in sentry tags Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity Highligh workshop campaigns with a new update Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity Fixed case where cursor could be hidden in the main menu ListMenu refactor Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity Ability to automatically subscribe to some default workshop items Fixed bug when returning to unsubscribed workshop campaign Fixed list menu highlight Workshop menu sorting Got rid of the source column from workshop menu Added source type headers Notification badge to show unseen workshop update count Fixed possible missing ref exception when lots of workshop items are installed Fixed some strings Updated sentry dsn Make sure telemetry updates on first load Workshop voting assets Update Facepunch.Steamworks In-game workshop voting UI Only show rate button prompt for workshop campaigns Only grant victory achievements in built-in stages Playtime logging per-stage Fixed vote buttons flickering when pressed Voting sfx Attempting to ensure that script changes in the base game can't break workshop stages misc Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity Clear precached properties for scripts changed since a workshop upload Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity Flash rate button prompt if an appropriate time Fixed ScrollTable suddenly jumping when selecting an entry Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity Switch build fixes Don't download facepunch manifest on switch GA cleanup Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity remove GA gameobject Added button to open workshop tutorials Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity Fixed possible Player_StatusEffects error Show thumbs up / down in installed plugin list Fixed BaseActions NRE Move songs out of magic directory Hacky support for stages referencing songs in the old location Alternate solution for legacy song paths Fixed possible NRE in workshop menu Fixed build error auto subscribe to invasion easy mode Fixed default song path Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity Cleanup Jenkinsfile Unity fullscreen bug workaround Fixed long standing stage select UI visual bug Trying out some main menu optimizations for Switch Fixed menu load times on switch again Added nex ranking category IDs for every stage / campaign whitelisted lastpos & movedelta unit funcparams Added NexPlugin WIP refactor to support either nex or steam leaderboards etc Merge branch 'master' into switch-port Speech bubble text scaling now platform dependant Add switch-specific player / gun json files made unused Level param more useful Working on leaderboard abstraction More abstraction Missing metas circle-line intersection utils func Still abstracting added parallel/fan num properties for bullets tweaked slowmo visual effect Fixed sentry user id Almost finished abstracting This might even compile soon Finished off ProgressionManager cleanup Powerup binding storage refactor player facingSpeedMultiplier modifier Network services abstraction tweaks Some more steamworks usages replacements Updated Facepunch.Steamworks Steamworks backend implementation Some final refactoring player status velocityModifier player lookSpeedPercent modifier Updated Facepunch.Steamworks Steam re-implementation mostly working! Filled out Result enum Fixed Application.persistentDataPath being accessed on a worker thread Fixed pause menu leaderboards Nex leaderboard implementation Fixed switch builds Fixed standalone development build error Some temp implementations for FetchUsername / FetchAvatar Updated README.md / .gitignore for NEX native libraries Updated switchApplicationID Fixed not being able to connect to NEX game server Testing NEX leaderboard service Got rid of some redundancy in json data loading Example standalone default player overrides Started working on platform-specific json overrides Made sure baking codegen is ordered / stable Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity Merge branch 'master' into switch-port Fixed usages not being sorted / unique Fixed fuse stage baking error Merge branch 'master' into switch-port Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity edited some sprites initial stage -> none Fixed possible exception when loading json data Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity Fixed codegen when some methods can't be baked Fixed possible NRE on StorageService.OpenRead() Fixed IStorageService.CreateFile(Domain.Local) standalone implementation Fixed regression causing some scores not to be submitted Fixed workshop item uploader name regression Fixed some possible exceptions when using a bad player config Platform override example changes Merge branch 'master' into switch-port Experimental platform overrides implementation Some sentry exception reporting fixes Merge branch 'master' into switch-port Fixed watching replays from the replay menu Invalidate all workshop scripting caches Disable OSX debug builds Merge branch 'master' into switch-port Script baking seems to work with platform overrides check currform == null when removing speech bubbles Speech bubbles now support loading custom textures moved keyboard lerp speeds to player config Store progression data in separate files for each new version Don't send error reports for plugins Fixed possible NRE on init Leaderboard fetching works! Fixed standalone build error Fixed exception when updating the timer on switch Fixed NRE on exit stage on switch Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity tweak sfx max distance Patched DocGen for vs2019 Fixed stageProgress alias Fixed new leaderboards not being created Working on implementing IStorageService on switch Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity File system stuff mostly working Fixed standalone build error Changed button prompt highlight styling Settings controls highlight styling A little more highligh styling Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity Reset custom unit funcs on setup, fixing divergence Fixed unit position divergence log Some more potential divergence fixes Revert "Some more potential divergence fixes" This reverts commit b385bd9ec97777b9e22e5101daed190723c9fd88. Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity Fixed case where last selected stage wouldn't update Updated Facepunch.ExpressionStrings Fixed workshop song loading in the menu Switch GetFiles() implementation Blog post wip auto subscribe to quartet and crossfire created redux levels disable redux in standalone removed redux for build error Some extra info to diagnose an FSM exception added back redux Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity Disable legacy resource path resolution Fixed some dodgy resource include path resolving Got rid of a debug log Only bake campaign stages on Jenkins Update README.md fix octopus redux paths, etc octopus unclenches correctly if you wait tweaked bubbles octopus diamond shot new shoot effects fixed redux paths Fixed powerup icon depth sorting Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity Fixed navigating past locked campaigns all units shake when cores hit Icon for switch Some nicer fs error reporting on switch Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity Fixed file creation on switch Get local player username on switch Fixed exception when storing a replay floating mine shoot pattern mech boss rotate direction based on playerpos fuse enemies dont wait random times tweaked fuse spokes bullet amount more fuse enemy tweaks Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity Fixed standalone build errors reduced implosion core look speed fixed intro damage powerup appearance storm fixes etc Added managed wrapper for nn::friends Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity xulgon gun order behaviour fixed xulgon speech fix fix xulgon laserline length added powerup for invasion ship1 side gun pixel chunk global velocity property Friends wrapper almost done Attempting to implement nickname / avatar fetching on switch Upload nickname as common data Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity maxSpeedLimit for laser asteroids Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity prospector laser endcap, laser changes inactive but dangerous laser no longer hits player Finally got requesting usernames from nintendo working Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity Fix standalone builds frame boss tweaks swap orb and claw stages claw movement rework more claw movement changes claw movement form 1 startEndCollision property for AffectTouchingBullets bullet clampToBounds claw minefield polish Options saving on switch Re-enable replays menu on switch Made replay archiving thread safe Replay uploading on switch Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity Stage leaderboard metadata, started on replay downloading Replays work!!! Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity tweaked player gun recoil and slowmo effect sfx type can be flagged as unique to limit to one at a time tweaked octopus mine sprite fix orb sprite paths, removed some old sprites orb form 1 stud to gun orb laser endcaps orb laser2 endcap orb rotating laser endcap orb turret laser endcaps orb turret implosion, laser endcap, powerup, etc Fixed campaign scores not loading correctly on switch Fixed leaderboard attachments on switch mech laser endcaps Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity mech laser pattern endcap mech trap laser tweaks fuse laser endcaps onion laser endcaps storm laser endcap invasion laser endcaps frame laser endcap Got avatars working on switch Disable saving debug replays on switch Fixed saving options on switch Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity claw, orb, etc tweaks orb rotating laser warnings hunter tweaks tentacle orb vfx & sfx reworked fix multiple tentacle orbs unit.twist uses largest amount instead of combining Fixed updating campaign score metadata on switch Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity Working on leaderboard caching for switch some trench rebalancing turret clamped to bounds, tweaked some medal times fuse changes new fuse trap pattern Fixed leaderboard caching for switch Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity Update .gitignore Merge branch 'master' into multiplayer Update timeattack.json