4 Years Ago
fix janky damage bullets on trench parallel pattern octopus bubble overlap fix laser prison warnings unit behaviourdelay, storm slalom timing changed finished storm behaviour commit reduce amount of slice on storm storm laser and studbullet tweaks storm meteor can only repel, not damage tweaked storm return, less suction on storm form 1 player-pixel collision while invulnerable callback, some dash rework more dash reworking player useLegacyPhysics, resolved collision callback order issue dash sprite polish boost shadow effect more dash polish, changed some item descriptions dash backblast effect adjust dash sound as charges run out error sfx when trying to dash while invuln rename brake to focus, addition tutorial state pattern parentBullet property bullet-pixel damage fix, bullet.useLegacyDamage property tweaked repel effect octopus mine appearance tweak misc player/status collide callbacks, Convert rework fix AddBullet while iterating error more convert flagged cantBeIgnored bullets fix status level check; bullet hitbox leniency status mod convert hit sfx, etc +damage combo sfx pitch playerBodyColor status modifier Merge branch 'master' into multiplayer Frame stage co-op support Laser stage co-op support Storm stage co-op support Invasion stage co-op support