7 Months Ago
structs can have embedded enums No need for const removal Extract WriteEnum convert _t values flat_name becomes methodname_flat Update steam_api.json Overloaded functions no longer named differently plain uint arrays SteamDatagramHostedAddress is generated Generated RequestUGCDetails fix Fill doesn't exist Shorten SteamNetworkingConfigValue, SteamNetworkingConfigDataType Make PingLocation public Trim _ from enum values Make ConnectionState public Remove old ConnectionState Force pOutMessageNumber to be a ref SteamNetworkingConfigScope -> NetConfigScope SteamNetworkingConfigValue_t => NetKeyValue Restore networking interfaces SteamIPAddress takeover New accessor system Use method.desc Set calling conventions Remove GLobalFunctions.cs Fixup tests to work on 32bit CallbackResult - stall for now Custom enums New dispatch system Removed unused Fixed GetFileDetails test