3 Years Ago
Bundle up entity transforms into a single message every tick instead of a message per entity Move entity movement replication to BaseWorldEntity, BaseEntity is non visual so shouldn't need this. Remove scale from movement replication as scale changes happen less frequently. Add entity movement update rate, defaults to 60, included in movement packet for interp Use bitflags to pack entity movement packet with components of transform that changed from previous packet Replicate entity relative transform if it has a parent Save entity relative transform as properties so they can be used when first replicating the entity to client Save entity parent netid directly instead of using properties (this is because public attachment functions are authority only) Add SourceExport addon. Get SourceImport addon working again. Fix NRE in ModelJsonConverter when model path is null or empty Fix up shadows on dynamic lights on source maps Skip entity spawn and destroy messages if there's no other client connected except for the host, saves an unnecessary entity serialize Add incorrect protocol disconnect reason code Add auth fail discconnect reason code Only send entity parent netid if it changes, use attach flag if it changes to non zero, use detach flag otherwise Send entity position and rotation if parent changes, just to make sure everything is synced Don't write any movement data to packet if entity has no movement flags for the movement tick SourceImport fixes to allow bsp conversion to our own format Reflection based lump reader for new map format Write map data to lumps Write lumps to map file Some Arcade gamemode fixups Basic loader for new map format Add lightmaps to map format Save displacements as mesh in new map format Add uint color to map vertex structure (displacement needs alpha to blend) Save lightmap data and try loading it from new format Create shadowmap from lightmap Save the unencoded lightmap data, slightly longer to load but less data to save and keeps the format unrelated to unreal Save ambient light samples to map format Save bounds in map model structure. Load light volume from ambient light samples. Gather vertices for convex collisions