5 Months Ago
Read only stuff for Props tab Increased "Save Changes" button width for localization Fixed gmod_hands sometimes floating near map origin Not a perfect fix but at least they don't float no more ENT:StoreOutput works for 2015+ Source maps (Hopefully) More self explanatory persistence text Apparently a lot of people doesn't know how this works or that it exists CollapsibleCategory header has a symbol when collapsed so people know its collapsed and not just empty Duplicator lib is less prone to fail when getting errors Encountering errors while pasting constraints should no longer stop mid pasting and create "un-undo-able" duplications Fixed a crash exploint using NoCollide tool Merged from x64 branch, apparently the fix was there for a while Increased Notifications font for localized text It was actually unreadable in Russian before Fixed certain Utilities panels breaking with spawnmenu_reload Fixed Undo & Cleanup panels in Utilities becoming blank after spawnmenu_reload controlpanel.Get will no longer return panels that are about to be deleted (in the next frame)