1 Years Ago
Start again Added SteamVR, got basic movement working Nicer floor grid material Make sure both hands get set up Only teleport with the analog sticks Add ECS packages Hashing out basic geometry components Simpler data structures Basic rendering Floor and ceiling meshing, texturing Started on GrabZoom, currently axis aligned GrabZoom rotation Added StyledRects Added a basic tool radial menu Started work on a vertex editing tool Fixed hover logic, basic vertex selection + dragging Refactored SetHovered / SetSelected Added TextMeshPro resources GrabZoom polish Can now select / deselect multiple vertices by holding multiselect combo VertexEditTool refactor Added AxisAlign button, now used in VertexEditTool Updated README.md Oops, updated README.md Fixed axis aligned vertex dragging Disabled DebugRenderSystem First draft of vertex duplication Trying out new GrabZoom controls Updated README.md Better floor / ceiling triangulation Fixed typo in GrabZoom When dragging vertices, show a widget at the start position GrabZoom is now a tool, is on off hand by default Radial menu tweaks Add tool name label to tool menu First attempt at vertex merging Started big refactor A little more cleanup Fixed phantom shadows in VerticalSelector shader Started rewriting vertex adding / removing Create new vertex when half-edge widget is grabbed Snap new vertices to the grid Vertex creation refactor Grid snap now varies with zoom level Added grid guide when editing vertices Level saving / loading 45° snapping for moving vertices Vertex widget material tweaks Smaller default world scale Fixed not being able to create vertices on short edges Merge neighbouring HalfEdges if overlapping Renamed VerticalSelector shader to StickWidget Refactored neighboring vertex merging Working on another vertex merging rewrite Can now create new rooms by merging vertices BackFaces are now a thing Hide grid guide on start Started working on a floor / ceiling extrude widget