3 Months Ago
first section of string fades in whitelisted pixelgroup damage/heal methods fix patternStartPos set to wrong value dragging vine boss behaviour webbed icon new dash icon web sfx bullet onDespawn callback centipede death effect death effect centipede2 trap centipede death effect added more dash powerup to tentacle tentacle rotating petrify attack Updated Facepunch.Parse / Facepunch.ExpressionStrings Always use RegexOptions.CultureInvariant with RegexOptions.IgnoreCase Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity tweaked player hurt camera shake removed useLegacyDamage from redux bullets status effect gunAimSpeedMultiplier barrage powerup new convert aimer bunch of new shoot sfx Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity fixed some bake errors Fixed errors about missing sound files Fixed aiming on joycons Fixed changing menu tabs with joycons tweaked convert vibration barrage powerup work Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into asset-bundles Editor fallback for loading asset bundle manifests Fixed string files not being loaded in the editor