4 Months Ago
TTT: Optimised streaming of end-of-round report (#1678) * Optimised SCORE:StreamToClients implementation - ``SCORE:StreamToClients`` now compresses its contents before sending it to the client - Optimised sending the event payload in multiple parts, specifically by separating the part-splitting net message from the final arrival message. This introduces a new net message ``TTT_ReportStream_Part``. - Event table sorting now happens after it's read on the client instead of before it's written on the server - Raised the part separation limit to 65529" class="changeset">65529 from 65500 Some additional small changes to the surrounding file: - GetDamageType is no longer converted to a string in kill events as TableToJSON no longer as an issue encoding large integers - CurTime is no longer rounded in events, causing events happening at near the same time to be ordered properly - Changed pairs ``SCORE.Events`` loop to numeric-for New net message specs: - ``TTT_ReportStream``: UInt-16 length, BinaryString[length] data - ``TTT_ReportStream_Part``: BinaryString[65529" class="changeset">65529] data