11 Months Ago
Tweaked visibility of powerup level text on pause screen Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' more barrage polish new barrage aimer barrage icon/description fix barrage aimer flipX tweaked barrage icon again barrage shoot sfx barrage bg aimer barrage/sfx tweaks orb laser looping sfx orb rotatingLaser charge/shoot sfx orb warp curse sfx & polish Quit prompt tweak Fixed possible bake error Fixed leaderboards refreshing twice on score submit New leaderboard mode toggle prompt style Selected stage card glow Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity onion fence pattern onion halves pattern onion cRing pattern onion wrappers pattern onion wait times depend on num parts destroyed Wait until nav menu animation is done before loading ScrollTables Added a script to generate a graph of replay test frame times per stage Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' Log more timing statistics during replay tests Replay timing plot script tweaks Remove outliers from frame time data Static method to delegate conversion caching in Bullet Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity mech form0 curse timing new airburst aimer added some barrage to levels onion pattern polish, etc onion diamondShot4 art polish & sfx fix onion state changes more anomaly behaviour changes claw tweaks Attempt to re-use particle systems for Pxc.CreateDebris() Refactored some bullet properties to avoid allocations Speech bubbles now update with raw delta time Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity Updated Facepunch.ExpressionStrings ForEachPlayer performance improvement in single player Fixed replay breaking change Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity storm noGunsLeft attacks invasion tossed tweaks frame noGunsLeft attack changes Log outlier frame times Fixed HotloadedData cache faults caused by platform overrides new build !redux fix redux mech json error all levels unlocked !redux all levels unlocked !redux onion fan uses bigger ringBullet for core expanding bullet shows target when it nears max size trench expanding warning sfx fuse laser impact effect scales with dps fuse laser ringBullet proper colors AudioListener position fix for coop Always show item HUD for both players in coop Show both players on the loading screen in coop Performance improvement for SeparateDisconnectedPixels Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity Fixed replay breaking change in ConnectionCache fuse laser looping sfx laser diamond circle2 polish Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity Optimised removing recently disconnected pixels from list Updated Facepunch.ExpressionStrings expose player.selectedStatusPath Keep performance chart axis the same !redux player2 wider, fixed execution player2 Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity fix respawnPod player being destroyed by boss explosion respawn pod lasts forever, tweaked visuals to differentiate from shieldEgg Added GameManager.StartWithTwoPlayer, sorted inspector fields Updated player 2 loading screen icon PixelGroups can now track separate players from their Unit Fixed equipment menu scroll prompts sometimes showing incorrectly Set target player of bullets / patterns spawned by status effect Fixed hunter stage draggingVine attaching to wrong player Updated Facepunch.ExpressionStrings Revert "Fixed hunter stage draggingVine attaching to wrong player" This reverts commit 374611d7ae26a7bca866a6d405847077387dc753. Changed how targetPlayer is selected if not specified in json Build trigger \!redux Build trigger !redux fix intro song for 2player players collide with eachother averagePlayerVel, fixed 2player fade collision resized onion emoji both players can push turret claw boss movement fixed for 2player xulgon revenge bullets look for both players added methods for getting status levels of >1 player change xulgon curse spawn trigger egg/traps dont avoid units so fast Log timeline of average frame times during replay tests Fix possible exception when loading HotloadedData Fixed changes to included json files not causing includers to refresh Added BulletData.changeTargetPlayerOnDeath boolean Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity unfinished eject powerup resetGunPositions, fix visual issue for Swap bullet Player threat stat, new way for units / bullets to target players Got rid of some logging More target player selection Fixed bake error !redux Fixed some bad resource paths !redux autoUpdateTargetPlayer, status paths, etc Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity fix missing asteroids fix mysterious force Fixed bullet / unit player targeting bools ignoring "false" Fixed respawnPod targeting the wrong player Fixed equipment up/down floaters not updating when list is empty Fixed respawn pod sometimes not reviving the right player Increase player threat on damage pixels / cores Bullets disengage when threat multiplier == 0 Fixed possible NRE in PixelGroup.Hit Added auto targeting properties to BulletData Example homing bullet target updating removed some debug Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity respawnPod stay in bounds, turret autoupdate owner drone has red explosion effect bullet pattern attachChildBulletsToBulletAnchor property bullets can override target player selection xulgon revenge bullet retargets player in line of sight xulgon revenge bullet interacts with fade Added unit tests for ReduceProgressSamples Moved ReduceProgressSamples to a worker thread Animate LeaderboardPair Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity patterns can retarget different players like bullets can mech patterns switch targets moved unit player-targeting to formdata unit onAutoUpdateTargetPlayer callback fixed some unit targeting stuff, fuse enemyA dont retarget when enraged fuse enemyB targeting fuse pattern targeting trench pattern targeting onion & hunter bullet player targeting achievement tweaks for 2player update bullet pos properly when clamping to bounds patterndata useAnchorPos property tentacle & orb targeting Added ignoreCollisionWithPaths to UnitLaserData Example of ignoreCollisionWithPaths in redux mech stage Split-screen proof of concept avoid divergence when setting initial _targetPlayerUpdateTimer Only log frame times if replays don't diverge Merge branch 'master' into split-screen Switch between split-screen and one camera on player death Animate transition from split-screen to single camera Update Jenkinsfile !redux Fixed going back to split-screen after reviving a player Fixed respawn pod regression !redux claw,frame,laser targeting build !redux storm targeting fix popping sound in invasion drums highpass Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into split-screen Rotating split screen proof of concept First attempt at transition between single and split screen Working on fixing split-screen transition on death / revive invasion targeting more targeting pattern targeting more recall powerup work hunter dragging vine can connect both players Much much better split-screen camera positioning Fixed how view scale changes when transitioning to split-screen Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into split-screen Fixed transition to single screen on player death Fixed visual hitch on respawning player !redux adding "changeTargetPlayerOnDeath":false to bullets fix player jitter on death fade reduces threat level to zero setup speech for co-op player death Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into split-screen !redux Include Unlit/Texture shader in builds !redux some fastSin usage laser boss ignorecollision w respawnpod traps dont count down when being shot trap fixes Speech bubbles are now in world space Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into split-screen Speech bubbles are now per-screen in splitscreen can shoot eggs to delay their timer like traps dont call unit.setup unnecessarily (could cause divergences) unit ChangeTargetPlayerOnDeath property fix respawnPod target player Simpler approach to splitscreen speech bubbles Revert "Speech bubbles are now per-screen in splitscreen" This reverts commit a0677a791c53b73b2529c051b9da29c099311e77. Revert "Speech bubbles are now in world space" This reverts commit 2c1a7c72f1549ae85ac8dc597a00c3c10d23a3c4. Merge branch 'speech-bubbles' into split-screen Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into split-screen traps say defused when they dont trigger trap defuse sfx egg plays different sound when expires Big speech bubble positioning refactor Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into split-screen swap attack tweaks Started work on Vignette split-screen support tentacle wobbling sfx tweaks tentacle bomb tweaks Vignette fully works in split-screen Fixed audio listener position in split-screen Making sure single-screen co-op still works Can now switch between single cam and split-screen in settings Merge branch 'split-screen' Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' !redux Fixed splitscreen death transition sometimes not working Possible fix for exception when toggling single camera Rendering of splitscreen border warning Don't show split border warning if the two cameras are almost identical laser trap looping sfx Refactored border warning to not require axis alignment respawnPod bullet cantBeDestroyed prospector secondary laser color Splitscreen border warning now fully functional Trying out a margin between the split screens Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity !redux Split margin now uses stage letterbox colour Split border warning now fades in / out Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity Reset view size on stage restart Fixed broken hijack bindings Don't show hijack button if wrong player count Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity trench coop vine tether bullet killing player despawns in coop unless all players dead reduce onion grid2 lag player_revive string setup boss speech for player revive units dont retarget while charging attack enemy hp not scaled for coop base player damage reduced in coop Separate sections on video settings page Added Control.CanSelect Added min / max merge dist options for splitscreen Added SpeechBubble.SetTargetPlayer(player) !redux Fixed black box when StyledRects with shadows have 0 width Fix button prompt animations in SpeechBubbles targeting a player Fixed possible NRE in DefaultEmbeddingSource Use PlayerActions instead of IPlayerInput in DefaultEmbeddingSource removespeechbubble(player) tutorial stuff octopus speech Added max turn rate for splitscreen split Rewrite of splitscreen camera positioning Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity more octopus speech, etc Added splitscreen camera distance buffer Grey out equipment info for dead players Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity revert octopus speech changes shouldnt clear speech bubbles as all might not be despawned some tutorial stuff !redux barrage goes there n back fuse respawn pod has proper bounds tauntSpeech checks correct player in co-op check min status level instead of target player, sometimes powerup dropping dropped status max stack size status bullets check for nearest player every frame tweaked co-op player damage Show border warnings for threats outside of screen corners Corner border warnings are now clamped by screen split line Got rid of PlayServicesResolver Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity Players repel speech bubbles again Attempt to spawn speech bubbles on the side of their target player !redux Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity fix json error build !redux tutorial co-op flow Fixed button prompt anims in speech bubbles during co-op Co-op splitscreen player distance now takes aspect ratio into account Tweaked default values for splitscreen camera Re-enabled camera clamping Use CameraPos instead of TargetPos for splitscreen calculations Camera clamping accounts for very tight split angles better Maybe better solution for splitscreen camera clamping more co-op tutorial stuff !redux Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity build !redux coop tutorial polish Fixed camera position instability Unified solution for split angle and distance Fixed another cause of bad speech bubble button prompt anims Fixed camera positioning bug in co-op if player1 uses mouse input tutorial forced death tutorial tweaks tutorial speech tweak build !redux Fixed being able to push speech bubbles far away from their targets tutorial fixes and sfx Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' eject powerup, etc More effort to keep players on-screen in co-op Splitscreen options default value tweaks Fixed yet another button prompt speech bubble anim bug !redux Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity bullet nearestPlayer starts as null now, so it performs a max level check as intended nearest player check !redux Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' remove debug lock levels Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity build !redux build again !redux eject rewards rename shieldZone to purge Only re-init cameras if switching between single and splitscreen Fixed Switch editor error petrify effect sfx Fixed camera position sometimes suddenly snapping when one player dies Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity First pass at having each player have their own post processing Redux post process method call fixup Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity enraged fuse enemy retarget when target dead tweaked laser scope attack for co-op laser powerup/scope changes Make sure selected item is navigated to on focus in ScrollTable dont show tips in tutorial claw pattern timing change, etc claw attack tweak build !redux Parallax now supported in splitscreen Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' player death particles no longer damage pixels respawn pod spawn position changes over time !redux build !redux Rewrite of splitscreen post process blending Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' Default ColorFilter should be white Fixed looping sounds stopping when focus lost Got rid of camera ortho size fudging misc playtest tweaks remove robo unit removed unused bullet collision flags laser tractor beam pulls crosshair surrounding patterns less tweaked laser homingGrenade visuals build !redux build again !redux build fix !redux playtest changes tentacle powerup tweaks tractor affects units laser tri ring visual tweaks Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' laser stuff, new prison pixels new prison2 pixels build !redux build fix !redux Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' cant activate status effect while dying laser balance changes !redux storm balance changes Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity can access a patterns start time more storm balance invasion balance misc balance powerup child pattern uses parents angle fuse balance and spinner more fuse balance trench balance, onion grid improvement onion balance !redux Fixed NRE when FSM action gets cancelled during FSM update Added Facepunch.Build.Switch() Updated Jenkinsfile !switch Attempt to run NexPlugin install script if required !switch Only run NexPlugin install script if not found in project !switch Possible fix for build error !switch Fixed nsp path in slack message fix json error Updated Jenkinsfile misc tweaks Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity barrage experiment etc powerups have some magnetism, orb balance, etc implode pixel debris goes away from core now pixel flashing on orb core hit PixelData.ReplaceColors Fixed controller vibration persisting on victory screen random mech pixels change color on core hit orb wait times updated bullet playerDamageDir property show triggers instead of shoulder buttons on replay fix exception in tutorial Fixed menu background color Don't show continue / exit prompt until gameover anim finishes Fixed cameras not starting merged when reviving partner Fixed possible NRE related to focus hint Fixed co-op replay divergence Migrate to Unity2018.4 Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity set proper player damage dir for irregularly shaped bullets tentacle bio pattern fixed laser prison targeting - SpawnPlayer can set targetplayer, added AdjustTargetPlayerUpdateTimer reverted barrage !redux build fix !redux unlock levels !redux build !redux fix pixel damaged color !redux force build !redux force build again !redux build !switch Fixed TMP mspace values broken by upgrade Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into unity2018.4 !switch Now on Unity 2018.4.23f1 !switch Updated Jenkinsfile !switch Fixed main menu background not always being black when in co-op (!) Updated Jenkinsfile Fixed not being able to reset stage while waiting for game over anim Hints can now be per-player Fixed hint positioning when multiple are visible Merge branch 'unity2018.4' Player-specific hints are now color coded, say which player in title Fixed player 2 hints not showing a button prompt Hint position animation Reverted debug value for BrakeHintShowDelay Fixed not being able to scroll in equipment lists when not focussed Fixed leaderboard entry rank text !switch Updated Jenkinsfile !switch credits stage Fixed line spacing in stage card titles Show core icon for unlocked stages that don't support player count Can now select locked campaigns Sort campaigns so unlocked ones are at the top Added text describing how to unlock a locked campaign Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity Fixed NRE on start Added continueWithStage to StageData Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity broadside powerup broadside aimer copies body angle changed broadside aimer sprite Fixed controller vibration on death Merge branch 'master' into asset-bundles