11 Months Ago
chunk explosion vibrates at correct position SFX updates Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity Storm speech sfx wav file Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity sfx tweaks fuse sfx tweaks unit.OnChunkExplode, removing some unused sfx removed more unused sfx more unused sfx removed reduced quad/diamond spritesheets in size removed some large unused textures removed more textures Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' Added --disable-native-input command line option !redux Merge branch 'master' of SpaceUsurperUnity replaced missing texture, removed other stuff removed unused music files removed more stuff, mech curse sfx tweak fuse sfx tweaks onion replacing some overused sfx Preparing for merge Preparing for merge Merge remote-tracking branch 'local1/temp1' into asset-bundles Fixed some exceptions after merge