46 Days Ago
Started working on a nicer way of adding background effects Example octopus background New background system working Fixed an inconsistency with DataPath.Get(relativeTo, path) Using new background system for legacy octopus Merge branch 'asset-bundles' into background-optimisation Revert "Fixed an inconsistency with DataPath.Get(relativeTo, path)" This reverts commit b7a7ba16272d48251c0685c97e6320623c36ce4c. Made background paths in octopus absolute Fixed dt not being correct in dynamic updates Added spawnPositionVariance to backgrounds, fixed default colors Redux octopus now uses new background system Some more tools to help profile on Switch Added StageComponent / StageComponentBehaviour Some performance logging for switch Scene changes Got rid of BackgroundCamera More profiling for Switch Print performance into to the screen on switch Updated postprocessing package Fixed profiling on switch non-dev builds Fixed backgrounds not being cleared on restart Profiling individual render method calls