2 Months Ago
Hub re-design Tabs design Tabs Adding the drawer menu Servre List to drawer menu Notification menu ServerList Sidebar Server Selectable Notifications button on all pages ServerHeader changes Chatinput style PageHeader accepting teaminterface Team Header status tooltips Merge branch 'master' into ui-changes Fix TS errors Wire up notifications to the new notifications menu Tablet landscape team redesign tabbar fix tablet Hub tablet views re-organise tablet team views ServerInformation and tablet styling Server Info and Tablet header Map button Player Capsule tweaks tablet Improved notification listing and opening Filter Devices and Team Chat input Merge branch 'ui-changes' of rust_companion_react into ui-changes confirmationmodal footer and deleting servers Add some mock data to the notification menu fix chat input on tablet Notifications Menu styling Parse notification data so we can use it in the UI code Hook up the device search box Turn on Android's junk shadows for the map focus button Notification menu category styling Tooltip map name Merge branch 'master' into ui-changes Avatar in Drawer and Notification menu styling confirmation modal safearea and styling Hide username in drawer Server Header logo and fallback Notification menu NotificationStatus styling Pull server logo from the game server Add logo to mock data attempt to fix android News redesign ServerHeader tablet Filter Devices no results Show server logo on the server switcher and tablet hub Server Logo in pairing and tablet modal ServerInformation rewrite - potential android fix Fix Server list scrollarea Fix crash on logout fix status bar issue on login ios fix no devices and no filter results Pass server logo to delete server Notification status no servers and no servers in drawer pagemessage update available header More update status bar changes localisation on filter devices hub localisations and map size fix asyncbutton NewsItem styling Update status, fix header showing settings button Fix TS errors fixing typing fast bug on inputs update loading visuals update assets ios Fix statusbar crash on android Promote to leader functionality + mock server support Latest News tappable opacity update FUE assets mock data update fix status bar ios light mode bugs