9 Months Ago
Update items WIP pairing tutorial Basic how to pair Allow Rust+ to be used even if notifications aren't working (obviously they wont get push notifications, but at least they can pair using the notification history) How to pair styling Merge branch 'master' of rust_companion_react Upgrade to Expo SDK 40 Block out the out of date app screen (forced on atm) Styling Update View Don't force the outdated screen on Adding steps images How to pair fixes Show an obvious warning when using the mock server in builds of the app Revert react-native-draggable-flatlist upgrade due to regression Android nav bar color Remove some keyboard status monitors and deprecated safe areas Mostly fixed the gap at the bottom of the screen on android devices with screen cutouts (just the animation is a bit weird/broken for some reason) Fix large gap at bottom of chat interface Update translations expo-optimize Version bump