10 Months Ago
Twitch site fixes Use the correct spelling of Janurary ! Send kick commands instead of banid because centralized banning is enabled on our servers (wont auto deploy) Remove banner Caching fixes (already live) ! Ban tool now supports pasting blobs of text with SteamIDs in it for issuing multiple bans Show warning when linked Steam account doesn't own Rust or is family sharing it Missing drops button no longer shows when Steam account doesn't own Rust Missing drops button will be disabled instead of hidden when it was previously clicked and is still in progress Add FAQ entry explaining that claimed drops can be received later whenever they purchase Rust Remove drop info since the campaign is over ! Update streamer drops ! Updates ! name updates ! Merge branch 'drops2' ! Add RestrictedServerController (belongs here, not the cheater analyzer) ! Remove masayoshi Update drop art Wiki: Tell google not to index edit pages News: Fix NRE when updating section with no text Drops changes !Botting fixes Fixed NRE when logging in Remove drops preview since the campaign is over VideoScroll Compile fix VideoScroll doesn't work on release S: Fixed discord url on sandbox site Wiki: Improved OpenGraph support Rebuild?