10 Months Ago
Remove base_ai comment that is not true Fixed spawnmenu tabs erroring due to content w/ no category Use the new undo.AddFunction feature for Statue property Added DProperty_Entity Also made util.StringToType work with "entity" type Editable Entity UI (DProperties) now supports the same UI type names as the DTVar type names. i.e. you can now use "Bool" instead of "Boolean" in Entity:NetworkVar() "Edit" table, etc DTextEntry deletes its suggestions DMenu if the textentry is deleted Deleted auto-sent files from lua/send.txt Main menu maps optimization No longer refreshes the map list multiple times a per "mounted content changed" event, so it should be faster Added callback to gmsave.LoadMap Useful for mods that want something to happen only after all the entities are placed Allow SpawnmenuContentPanel to switch to NULL panel Do not error when SpawnmenuContentPanel:SwitchPanel() is called with an invalid panel. Minor clean ups that don't deserve their own commit