6 Months Ago
SpawnIcon Re-Render all fix Removed debug output from one of the Problem fixes Limited sv_loadingurl to http(s) Fixed Lua errors when searching addons using special symbols Server Browser improvements Made the "Future version" tag less visually prominent Fixed up positioning of the inverse filter buttons for gm categories Made the flag filters be per gamemode, not global, to avoid confusion and prevent "soft locking" the filters Improvements to UGC thumbnails Increased the size of the checkbox for addon sub selection, added some spacing for the addon name on the thumb to avoid accidental clicks when aiming for the checkboxes. gmsave system improvements Force disable point_viewcontrol entities on save load to avoid softlocking Fixed loading a save from main menu not restoring the player position Updated default checkbox style for Awesomium Yucky fix, but the visuals now match modern Chromium and scale properly. Added ENT:GetSoundInterests Adjusted invisible physgun beam prevention