5 Days Ago
Progress on getting things set up Can now assign servers to a nexus and list them, fix up some logging Server-specific variables, cleanup, and some bug fixes Add support for deleting variables Link to server variables, delete confirmations on everything Logging fixes Add buttons to wipe nexus data Refactor nexus servers into nexus zones so they are decoupled from the servers (can swap them without breaking anything) Hook up the page to edit zone variables Setting up the API Add a field to specify if a nexus is staging or production, and another field to control API visibility Implement API to list available nexuses for a game, with aggregates server stats Implement API to get all details for a nexus including zones, server stats, and variables Add an API to get player info including which server they're assigned to Add an API to "login" a player to ensure they exist in the DB Add an API to get variables for a zone (and the nexus), optionally only listing variables that have been modified since a given timestamp Update all APIs returning variables to include their type and last modified timestamp Implement APIs to facilitate transferring players between nexus zones Cleanup, set the player's assigned zone when transfers complete Delete the read transfer API - that info will automatically be included with zone login Add messages to all API error results