3 Months Ago
Read only Entity.All (#20) Fixed Layer error when panel width is 0 Special cache for textures loaded from web, so we don't keep downloading the same shit Package Query API Merge branch 'master' of sbox Update Sandbox.Engine.csproj Fixed BaseFileSystem adding renamed files twice to the changed list Fixes unwanted temp files from VStudio being added to the changed file list Hacky fix for Visual Studio not triggering recompile consistently Obsolete Hammer.RenderFields enableAlpha argument Mesh.CreateVertexBuffer now requires a vertex layout to avoid silently having an incorrect layout Merge branch 'master' of sbox Queue and set light cookie only when texture is loaded Simplify and fix a lot of things on cookie system, set cookie when cookie value changes rather than on light creation, add persistant cookies Initialize blank slice on the CPU side Auto update cookies assigned to a rendertarget