1 Year Ago
Fixed BaseFileSystem adding renamed files twice to the changed list Fixes unwanted temp files from VStudio being added to the changed file list Hacky fix for Visual Studio not triggering recompile consistently Obsolete Hammer.RenderFields enableAlpha argument Mesh.CreateVertexBuffer now requires a vertex layout to avoid silently having an incorrect layout Added AnimEntity.OnAnimEventGeneric (called as a result of AE_GENERIC_EVENT) Revert "Hacky fix for Visual Studio not triggering recompile consistently" This reverts commit 1ea321174b0384dbc0e39ae03b84809f4b986a9e. Destroy client side children on non client only entities Only delete children if they're client only Add BlendIndices and BlendWeights vertex attribute type Finalize modelbuilder properly Forgot about this Merge branch 'master' of sbox Add ModelBuilder.AddBone Vertex size mismatch with vertex layout ArgumentException includes the sizes Merge branch 'master' into particle-scene-obj Don't query engine for all scene objects, instead add GetWorld binding and keep managed list of scene objects on worlds