2 Months Ago
Set VrFidelityConfigName to core instead of hlvr Add wip CLightCookieManager, deprecate old light cookie methods Bind Set/GetLightCookie Add LightCookie property to spotlightentity Cleanup Iterating over lightcookies Merge lightcookie stuff Rewrite fog TAA to not be muddy anymore, fix ugly banding on volumetrics, reenable fog TAA Lightcookie atlas on a compute shader Merge branch 'master' of sbox Fix dynamic shader reloading not working with engine shaders Clean up a lot of the lightcookie API, get it to render Lightcookie slice garbage collection New LightCookie api on lightdesc Stuff that used that old Lightcookie contract Merge branch 'master' of sbox Queue and set light cookie only when texture is loaded Simplify and fix a lot of things on cookie system, set cookie when cookie value changes rather than on light creation, add persistant cookies Initialize blank slice on the CPU side Auto update cookies assigned to a rendertarget Merge pull request #21 from Facepunch/lightcookies2 Lightcookies