2 Months Ago
Added TMP as an embedded package Replace [action/button/image] tags with xml-style tags TMP: retire <action> tag Add TMP test scene TMP: Added OnGlobalPreRenderText event TMP: Got <sprite=x> working with our resource system Rename <image=x> to <sprite=x> Fixed exception in stages without a GameManager instance TMP sprites can now use a Texture2DArray atlas Can now embed button prompts in TMP text Fixed bleed between sprites in pc-back.png Fixed some issues with button prompts embedded in TMP text Replace hint text with TMP_Text Speech bubbles now use TMP_Text Some fixes for button prompts embedded in TMP_Text Support for embedded button prompts in world-space text First pass at making speech bubbles world space Replaced a bunch of old button prompts with the new prefab New speech bubbles are mostly working Fixed Switch build error Fixed more warnings related to the new ButtonPromptIcon prefabs Got rid of some legacy prefabs Re-implemented speech bubble fading Fixed button prompt substitutions for 2-axes Better embedded button prompt scale / position Fixed case where speech bubbles wouldn't update input type Fixed speech bubble size on the Switch Re-implemented speech bubble progress bars Speech bubble movement tweaks