2 Months Ago
Component Add/Remove Added Components.Get, TryGet Add Components.GetAll<T> Add Components.GetOrCreate<T>() Make Event system more resilient to registering/unregistering events during an event Added Component.Enabled Components.Get<T> - T doesn't have to be a component (makes interfaces work) Simplifying network data, can have lists in Network classes, and Network classes in Network classes Remove bullshit from NetRead Support [Net] nullables Make networking classes a tiny bit more generic Components are networked properly Merge branch 'master' into components Store a game assembly hash, only read network data if assembly hash matches Don't clear embedded var values on hot reload UpdateHash after server compile BuildNetworkTable cleanup Refactoring cleanup Refactoring Re-implemented change callbacks, [OnChangedCallback] becomes [Change], can specify callback name Edge case Network variables are read when changed Merge branch 'components'