3 Years Ago
Better implementation of vh, vw, vmin, vmax GenericGameData fgd autogen Delete IModelGameData, Add ModelDoc.GenericGameData Attribute PushRootLength & cleanup font scaling Simplify to YogaValue.Point Move door_sounds modelgamedata to c# Move prop_data to c# Update models_gamedata.fgd Move explosion_behavior to c# More strict usage for AutoGenerate, FGDType and BitFlags attributes Classes can dictate their own FGD type via FGDTypeAttribute (So you don't have to put the attribute on every property every time) Rename ParticleAttachment fields to be consistent FGDWriter can output classes as "choices" selector in tools This is a workaround to be able to use strings as data in fgd choices type, which c# enums do not allow. Move 'particle' (particles_list) modelgamedata to c# Cleanup Fix Model.GetData<>() not working with structs ModelBreakPiece works with Model.GetData<>() Obsolete Model.GetJson, GetData(str), HasData(str) Update ModelExtension.cs FGDWriter can use ComponentModel.DisplayName & JsonPropertyName Attributes ComponentModel.DisplayName replacing Property.Title JsonPropertyName replacing Property.Name If a class as no properties with [Property] attribute, all properties will be exported to .fgd Delete ParticleAttachmentType Switch ModelGameData back to JSON for deserialization Update BasePathNode.cs Remove no longer needed interop methods Fix missing 'using' in FGDWriter Added Model.TryGetData<> Hammer: Fix RT baked lighting preview Temp disable multiview rendering to fix VR rendering until we fix VR shaders Fix build Merge pull request #71 from Facepunch/vh-vw3 Better implementation of vh, vw, vmin, vmax MaterialEditor: Add shader name filter to shader select window https://files.facepunch.com/layla/1b3011b1/rX2gBhg9xh_Trim.mp4 Citizen/animgraph: VR fully overrides arms + voice float + etc. Hook up client voice level to standard player animator Citizen/animgraph: unhooked new Choice node as it's causing a strange, menu-only animation playback bug Remove TextShadow material & shader Update skia Draw TextShadow as part of the text render Relocate thirdparty dlls Add css text-stroke-width, text-stroke-color (borderline standard) Fix NRE in NavigatorPanel Placeholder for generating label textures in background, need to handle -r_max_device_threads errors though Hammer: Add Export Encoding option like dota hammer has (defaults to binary) https://files.facepunch.com/layla/1b3011b1/sbox_IOAvqzZWdo.png Don't allow ExplicitLayout structs TextStroke cascades Fix text shadow offset being wrong Tweak leaderboard styles Fix empty lobby list growing forever Glass refraction shader https://files.facepunch.com/ognik/1b3111b1/2021-10-02_59-43-2beec8f1-334a-4df6-af4c-af0b53d4dc0c-fM2vuVbJ.mp4 If text-stroke-color is not set default to color Add `text-stroke <length> <color>` shorthand NetRead.ReadObject: read floats correctly Fix tools_sprite properly instead of a workaround, fixes rendering them in material editor Fix locale on CQSliderControl Allow static array initializers Account for viewport offset for glass refraction Add emission boost slider to glass Added glass zoom, added transparency to glass, improved viewport offset, added glass blur https://files.facepunch.com/ognik/1b3111b1/2021-10-23_47-35-9fb418c6-5735-4570-a124-9c535f6056a2-jGHbEtdN.mp4 Don't blur out the glass color Fix crash when trying to reload surface assets when there's no physics world Only trigger warning once if we are using an unsupported VR controller Refactor shaders to fix VR Fix typo Add opaqueness slider to glass, opacity scale now works, hide framebuffer in tool view Ability to add a dirt/overlay to glass Adjust timeout limit for shader ci job low wooden fence - ao fix and collision fix Merge branch 'master' of sbox Allow color/model tint to work in glass Add SceneObject.WantsFrameBufferCopy Added documentation for SceneObj.WantsFrameBufferCopy FGDTypeAttribute can now provide choices to fgd properties Attribute suffix for ModelDoc attributes security shutters - changed painted roller curtain to reduce visual noise on mask Merge branch 'master' of sbox Fix recent changes Add PhysicsGroup.Bodies and PhysicsWorld.Bodies Add PhysicsGroup.Joints and PhysicsBody.Shapes Compile tools_encode_environment_map.vfx security shutter - removed edge bevel on sides - added back faces to curtain rather than backface shader Merge branch 'master' of sbox Security shutter - fixed painted skin having wrong metal map assigned Compile shaders hammer is complaining about Make ParticleAttachment public Hammer.Skip works for enum fields Engine's string to particleattachment type supports string numbers Model.GetData<>() supports deserializing to enums ModelParticle class uses ParticleAttachment enum Merge ModelDoc.ListAttribute into ModelDoc.GenericGameData, and rename it to ModelDoc.GameData Demote Model.TryToGetData()'s error to a warning Update base_modeldata.fgd wooden fences - possible fix for player shape getting stuck on edge of col shape Merge branch 'master' of sbox Add timeout-minutes to the core job descriptor as well Set TransmitType.Always in GameBase Fix newlines rendering as a square in dropshadows security shutter- fixed tiling not working Merge branch 'master' of sbox Merge pull request #75 from Facepunch/modeldoc-fgdgen Basic FGD Autogen for ModelDoc Update base.fgd Cleanup FGDWriter Make Hammer.Skip for entities not inherited ModelDoc: Proper previews for compiled GenericGameData nodes Fix shaders Add Package.CanEdit Multiline TextEntry Can change game's name and description Tweak TextEntry up/down when multiline Introduce TextureBuilder.WithUAVBinding() Allows compute shaders to use textures Dont automatically set vr_multiview_instancing and disable forcing it off Fix Texture3D, TextureArray and TextureCube not actually being their respective texture types Fixed a minor issue with ModelDoc GameData previews CMapListService no longer returns _bakeresourcecache.vpks in the list Fixes _bakeresourcecache files appearing in ModelDoc's preview map selector, possibly other places too Flag old envmap indices as unused Fixed cached attachment transforms not updating for a frame or two around entity creation Fixes single-fire particles in Entity.ClientSpawn attached to an entity attachment spawning at map origin Fixed ModelDoc particle previews ignoring Attachment Offset ModelDoc: Hide translation/rotation gizmo from 'box' helper when they aren't functional Fix text rendering not snapping correctly to pixels again split off lamp_post_pole_brachet_01 from its ring, made ring new model, set pivot on lamp_post_door to nearer the mesh, re-added to hammer lamp_post_combined file Fix tonemap scale and bloom for scene renders Add List overload for CreateVertexBuffer, CreateIndexBuffer, SetVertexBufferData, SetIndexBufferData Update Cylinder helper rendering in ModelDoc Added various ModelDoc markup attributes for ModelDoc GameData nodes ModelDoc.Axis ModelDoc.Box ModelDoc.Sphere ModelDoc.Capsule ModelDoc.Cylinder Add Mesh.SetVertexBufferSize, essentially reallocating a new vertex buffer Add Mesh.SetIndexBufferSize Add Mesh.HasVertexBuffer, Mesh.HasIndexBuffer Low wooden fence - adjusting collision sizing and removing unneeded beam Metal fence and gate - collision shape adjustments Add bloom for panels, make panels render with HDR for now Merge branch 'master' of sbox Add Mesh.VertexCount and Mesh.IndexCount Lag Compensation (#79) Implemented options for lag compensation UseLagCompensation instead of WithLagCompensation Added mechanism for aborting tasks that persist between game sessions Disable lag comp on base weapon Fix FinishLagCompensation being called in the engine even when no lag compensation was started Merge branch 'master' into devmenu