3 Years Ago
Addon creator Add basic dev menu Dev button in nav Sidebar nav Sidebar is org list Org overview Add games/maps to toolbar Minor stuff Adjust main nav icon Org games Org maps Cleanup Update layout Minor adjustments Move select org to left, create buttons to right Org settings Tweak styles Adjust layout/navigation Create addon page Create org page Bit of cleanup Science experiments Cleanup Addon settings pages Style tweak Organize a bit, edit map page Map settings form Consolidate map/addon setting pages These don't need to be navigators Undelete that woops Cleanup/fixes/better naming Conditionals for map/gamemode specific form rows Content downloads tab Set package we're editing Navigate to description when editing different content Don't like that Add Account.Organizations, rename property to match api response List player orgs, allow select and show content from that org Match property name to api response object Org game icon navigates to game screen Clone addon from github or ident Implement gamemode creation menu Add newly created addon to addon paths Remove debug log Show a note when hovering form rows Tweak styles Minor adjustments Cleanup, creation errors, creation success page Cleanup Simple style for success page Create addon in {targetpath}/{shortname}, make it obvious where addon will go Check shortname length and more directory validation Lowercase and underscores only, form notes Button to cancel download Local addon browser, warn when unmounted addons exist Cleanup Simplify, hide org sidebar Assert menu Redesign addon creator, make it its own page Strip away org shit for now Minor adjustments Fix busy overlay