3 Months Ago
Industrial light - large light for construct warehouse Merge branch 'master' of sbox Throw if trying to set RootPanel.Parent Fix a couple of NREs preventing -dedicated from working Allow RootPanel.Parent = null though Shotgun aim workarounds Initial reimplementation of func_shatterglass https://files.facepunch.com/layla/1b1111b1/sbox_xf1v5teDcI.png Add entity network ident to list before calling spawn so that setting entity net vars works in spawn Add glass material property to shatter glass Add half thickness property to shatter glass, clamp to sane values Only try to reset glass panel if it's broken Don';t delete shard if we didn't manage to shatter it Glass thickness property instead of half thickness Allow shatter on physics impact although the effect isn't as good as it can be yet Don't try to shatter if the shatter point is outside of the shard Only generate shard model on client when there's a valid parent panel with a material set Filter out all kinds of damage except bullet and physics impact for now Move car vmdl to rust addon for now so tools stop trying to recompile it Custom constbuffer support for shaders Sandbox.ConstantBuffer.Create ConstantBuffer.Update Render.Set Constbuffer variant Compute.WithAttribute Constbuffer variant Add BBox.FromPositionAndSize Update to net6 vpc support for vs2022 🙄🔫 vs2022 fixes New bat files Make Analyzers and references work with relative paths Fix surface.asset causing fgd parsing errors Ready text Buttons can have subtitles Hack to make map selection less shit Error Fixes Fix missing game lobby settings Give linebreaks an empty style to prevent shadows etc being rendered Transform: matrix3d Transform: matrix Fix NRE, create lobby if there isn't one when selecting a map Fix leaderboard showing duplicate entries when rapidly clicked Don't create lobby, just null check Better fix for duplicate leaderboard entries Revert "Give linebreaks an empty style to prevent shadows etc being rendered" This reverts commit 0a0b8967c63ecd9f8eca49dbdd347fbb02a60b48. industrial light - fix for #1269 Merge branch 'master' of sbox Fix Asset property as a List not being an array in fgdwriter FgdWriter uses DisplayAttribute properties Write engine defined asset fgd's on startup FgdWriter - special treatment for Assets, don't treat them like structs Sound & Surface .asset are now AutoGenerate Change WorldInput API to instances to resolve issues and allow simultaneous inputs. * Replace WorldInput.Update with instanced WorldInput fixing hovering and clicking issues as well as allowing simultaneous inputs. * Resolved various issues with WorldPanel.RayToLocalPosition not using the right axis, being inverted and not scaling. * Simulate double click and mousemove events for world inputs. * Fix right clicks not working on WorldInput. Merge branch 'master' into modelbreakcommand