2 Months Ago
Disable Lag Compensation for Hover to test Restore Add back LagCompensation = true Fixed various SCSS warnings Test prediction of bullet drop projectiles (early version) Update turret asset to use tick for projectile movement Added ProjectileSimulator class. Network projectile custom effect values (for now). Automatically hide projectile and don't create client effects if we have a client proxy. Fixed deployable ghost position flickering. Updated Boomer to use predicted BulletDropWeapon. Server guards in OnProjectileHit Fixed a typo in one of the toasts for capturing outposts Copy over Layla's fix for MoveHelper Added Razor sidearm as an option for some loadouts. A low damage but heat-seaking short-range projectile weapon Give the Razor a projectile life time and reduce up velocity Various tweaks to the heat-seeking projectile weapon + fixed a bug where changing weapons on initial loadout spawn didn't work Added Razor Particles Implement Razor effects. Added TurretProjectile and moved out target stuff from base projectile class. Fix model of server version of projectiles not being hidden properly (todo: why do I need to set EnableDrawing to false every frame?) and properly set random seed to tick number before firing projectile Improved BulletDropProjectile and set EnableDrawing false server-side. Create a client model for any projectile model set. Hide the flag in first person when you are the carrier but still show its shadow Completely stripped out PhysicsProjectile and PhysicsWeapon. Added BouncingProjectile and updated all weapons to use the predicted versions. Merge branch 'main' into ui