2 Months Ago
ResourceTypeAttribute vsnap Delete breakable_door_model node Delete Model.GetBreakParicle write FGD structs for modeldoc only once FGDWriter can write ModelBreakCommand to modeldoc fgd Added Library.GetType( string ) Added Model.GetBreakCommands Breakables class runs BreakCommands, added ModelBreakParticle break command Cache break command data Match JSONOptions between Breakables.ApplyBreakCommands and Model.GetData IBreakCommand => IModelBreakCommand Update FgdWriter.cs FGDWriter better handles nullables DefaultValue generator handles int/float nullables Merge branch 'master' into modelbreakcommand ModelDoc does not write GenericGameData fields that are at default value This is to make nullables in C# modeldoc structs happen Use nullable ints in ModelBreakParticle command Update base_modeldata.fgd Merge pull request #91 from Facepunch/modelbreakcommand ModelBreakCommand for FGDWriter