7 Days Ago
Post-processing stack Pass color/depth buffer to managed post process instead of requesting a copy Initial work for standard post process shader Grain Vignette Chromatic Aberration Lens distortion Keep vignette on top of the lens distortion Example post processing shader Color overlay with additive, multiply and mix blending Panini projection Make vignette color customizable Pixelate Single pass motion blur Blur post processing Depth of field Sharpen Compiled post processing shader Fix post processing offset and scaling Initial work managed post processing stack Added DOF quality for faster single pass dof Compiled post process with dof quality Allow for more than 65565 single shader variations based on dynamic combos Add setting helper for standard post processing shader Passthrough/Copy texture shader Update example post processing shader Deprecate render.postprocess, rework post processing to support layers, automatic ping pong buffers, Automatically clear stack Remove render.postprocess event attribute Improved panini projection Introduce PostProcess.AddGenericToStack for simple post processing Simplify post process setting setter Ability to fade properties in or out PostProcess.AddToStack -> PostProcess.Add, BasicPostProcess -> MaterialPostProcess, IPostProcess.PostProcess -> IPostProcess.Render Fix viewport offset for post processing with new system StandardPostProcessing animation helpers Mask view model from motion blur, Set some nicer default settings Ability to animate from the current set value Compile post processing shader Rework managed post processor PostProcessing Settings, Add configurable and non configurable options, update basic pp post_process -> postprocess Update postprocess path Settings iteration Axe SetSettings Remove Set/GetPostProcessingLayerCount Allow creation of render attribute objects Cleanup cpp side of renderer Move post process to global name space DrawScreenQuadEx for rendering with custom attributes Rework standard post process to use its own attributes Shift from IPostProcessRenderer to BasePostProcess MaterialPostProcess now derives from BasePostProcess Remove configurable variant Move blit to post process constructor Remove IPostProcessRenderer, move pp init Update shader paths Compile postprocess_standard Update all paths for standard shader