54 Days Ago
UI (#58) * Add new UI elements * Separate WeaponIcon from WeaponList and call it WeaponListItem. Bind 'closed' class to IsCollapsed * Cleanup * Collapsable weapon selector * Rename Ability to Slot and update bind name appropriately for each weapon / equipment * Remove .ability class * Style Tokens Tab * Speedometer and hud icons * Style Roundinfo * Templatize scoreboard and add support for showing capture and member count for each team * Added additional functionality to WeaponList for UI * Remove deprecated ability * WeaponList styling for passive * Automatically expand the weapon list when the player changes loadout or respawns * Map and roundscore * Animate from bottom * Red Team Chatbox and Weaponlist * Chatbox styling * Debug switch teams cmd * Added debug commands for UI styling * Fixed * outpost and speedometer red team * Styling chatbox better for multiline * Remove brackets from chat channels + fixed / improved handling of jetpack bumping surfaces * Added a guard for inserting an award into dictionary twice * Tutorial screen now uses html * Adding in the design for Tutorial * Add in real data on the steps * Split buttons * Squashed commit of the following: commit 5142f2b1d36c1a05c5cddffde666c8b68ac31584 Author: Conna Wiles <kurozael@gmail.com> Date: Thu Nov 11 16:23:20 2021 +0000 Improved BulletDropProjectile and set EnableDrawing false server-side. Create a client model for any projectile model set. commit 73ab8c3b95c72cb6cb482f90fcc2b88d6e06072e Author: Conna Wiles <kurozael@gmail.com> Date: Thu Nov 11 14:10:21 2021 +0000 Fix model of server version of projectiles not being hidden properly (todo: why do I need to set EnableDrawing to false every frame?) and properly set random seed to tick number before firing projectile commit de978b9b86e92442037b4e39a339bc0ef8c9862c Author: Conna Wiles <kurozael@gmail.com> Date: Wed Nov 10 14:47:43 2021 +0000 Implement Razor effects. Added TurretProjectile and moved out target stuff from base projectile class. commit 712ec66d0906c76066bf18c9c6f001bedc37b1b0 Author: bakscratch <lt_8@hotmail.co.uk> Date: Wed Nov 10 13:30:43 2021 +0000 Added Razor Particles commit 82bd628af2a98e13de13704eb10132fc7d747b12 Author: Conna Wiles <kurozael@gmail.com> Date: Wed Nov 10 11:38:48 2021 +0000 Various tweaks to the heat-seeking projectile weapon + fixed a bug where changing weapons on initial loadout spawn didn't work commit 70c03437b91b92cb7a1866c9c198e91eb7299f66 Author: Conna Wiles <kurozael@gmail.com> Date: Wed Nov 10 11:10:03 2021 +0000 Give the Razor a projectile life time and reduce up velocity commit ae553f2063afd0cc9897334592536b9d1348229d Author: Conna Wiles <kurozael@gmail.com> Date: Wed Nov 10 11:07:02 2021 +0000 Added Razor sidearm as an option for some loadouts. A low damage but heat-seaking short-range projectile weapon commit f51311cfaf9d120554eedb091cf33ba23699b4fb Author: Conna Wiles <kurozael@gmail.com> Date: Wed Nov 10 00:41:49 2021 +0000 Copy over Layla's fix for MoveHelper commit 351206eafe21d50fdb14a35bb4302bb6e2c26f9b Author: kurozael <kurozael@gmail.com> Date: Tue Nov 9 15:01:49 2021 +0000 Fixed a typo in one of the toasts for capturing outposts commit d9c2ab01a0618865c33a60f705e57e3b3c051d30 Author: Conna Wiles <kurozael@gmail.com> Date: Tue Nov 9 11:49:27 2021 +0000 Server guards in OnProjectileHit commit b001f78e0fb35b61decd710c3d2174fd16bfa9ff Author: Conna Wiles <kurozael@gmail.com> Date: Tue Nov 9 11:32:17 2021 +0000 Fixed deployable ghost position flickering. Updated Boomer to use predicted BulletDropWeapon. commit 45d3d17802b6959e4bef02baa8949def6e3faf63 Author: Conna Wiles <kurozael@gmail.com> Date: Tue Nov 9 11:02:26 2021 +0000 Added ProjectileSimulator class. Network projectile custom effect values (for now). Automatically hide projectile and don't create client effects if we have a client proxy. commit 00dc3fb5efabafc27b8d36260b449a4fc18359a6 Author: Conna Wiles <kurozael@gmail.com> Date: Mon Nov 8 17:10:00 2021 +0000 Update turret asset to use tick for projectile movement commit 49b60040c85f5c34651fcf86c948ffbe7b7be041 Author: Conna Wiles <kurozael@gmail.com> Date: Mon Nov 8 16:40:57 2021 +0000 Test prediction of bullet drop projectiles (early version) commit 7af88b8cb35e0d3d98eadb58f6e608aeaecc03b9 Author: Conna Wiles <kurozael@gmail.com> Date: Sat Nov 6 11:27:56 2021 +0000 Fixed various SCSS warnings commit 18f80c1b52a2414842072777c3cb69e93a129d38 Author: aylaylay <fortblox@gmail.com> Date: Thu Nov 4 23:42:46 2021 +0000 Add back LagCompensation = true commit 846d5fc6af83db822263adbf717b839c260b078b Author: Conna Wiles <kurozael@gmail.com> Date: Thu Nov 4 22:33:36 2021 +0000 Restore commit aa0dc092e0b1e8752360efa59512c48c37e640c7 Author: Conna Wiles <kurozael@gmail.com> Date: Thu Nov 4 22:18:36 2021 +0000 Disable Lag Compensation for Hover to test * Updated TutorialScreen to support countdown and use cookies to remember if it has been accepted before * Fix tutorial screen pointer events * Fixed hv_always_show_tutorial * Tutorial Screen disabled styles * Added TimeLeft property to Scoreboard * Scoreboard re-design * styles * hv_killfeed debug command * Added hv_respawn_screen debug command * Removed option for Loadout costs. Started templatizing the Station Screen ready for styling. * Respawn Design * Remove sbox-hover.csproj and update .gitignore * respawn * Added RespawnKillerInfo templatized * Fixed respawn screen avatar not being img and fixed station screen intitial show * Max respawn time on label * Don't include the world as a valid weapon * Respawn changes * Set hud class of team properly on killer info * Use correct weapon name * styles * Respawn timer formatted nicely * load screen styles start * Fixed physics weapons firing through walls if you're right up against them * Hide the flag in first person when you are the carrier but still show its shadow * Completely stripped out PhysicsProjectile and PhysicsWeapon. Added BouncingProjectile and updated all weapons to use the predicted versions. * Jetpack scale tweaks and fixes to the jetpack for upward motion (add config tweaks later) * Use Prediction.FirstTime to avoid excessive particle creation with high latency when commands re-simulated * loadout styles * Class icon * loadout icon * Loadout Select List category types * Loadout styles * loadout bug fixes * Loadout Selector Categories * Re-populate LoadoutSelectList when template is applied * Loadout spawn buttons * More styling * Station Screen restructure * Don't try and populate the loadout select list if we don't have a pawn yet * Added LoadoutData to StationScreen for skinning * Update buttons to use global styles * loadout background * colour tweaks to tutorial and stationscreen * Added StationScreenView and support for loadout-view and weapon-view * fix button on tutorial screen * merge conflict fixes * Beginnings of getting character information in * more styles * Implement loadout weapon main screen display for station dialog * Loadout Weapons Station screen styling * Adding in Weapon selector upgrade view * StationScreen buttons * Add in the select buttons * styling for weapon selector * Add icons to the stationscreen * Refactor of weapon upgrades. Almost completely implemented weapon selection + upgrading in the new Station Screen. * Fixed a bug displaying which weapon upgrades are already owned * Player tokens data * WeaponIcon * Main weapon icon set texture + upgrade icon support * Weapon Stats, Enhancements upgrades * Icons for the Station Screen * Icon for upgrade * Locked Icon on Enhancements * Added support for weapon stats and implemented on all weapons / equipment / deployables. Moved Damage to WeaponConfig * Added Big Terry avatar to the Station Screen * Rip out the look code from the menu + tweak it a little * Automatically hide secondary description and upgrades box if none available * Move sound handling for buttons. Increase z-index of toasts list. Add toast when can't buy a weapon upgrade * Add icon for enhancement * Templatized the awards UI * add in upgrade header * Fix paddings on the Weapon Selector * Add currency icon to the enhancements * Added player tokens to the scoreboard for extra flex * Updated all loadouts to remove the armor class from their name * Class Icons * Add in the tags * Loadout weapon animation * Styles on the character selector * Implemented loadout tags. Renamed Defender to Engineer. Implemented loadout role icons. Implemented loadout upgrading functionality. Only switch to loadout when upgrading if you are that loadout's predecessor already. * Style the select view for Red Team * Hide grenade count * Add switch team to scoreboard * spacing on scoreboard * Implemented team switching functionality to the scoreboard * Fixed issue with wrong text color on station screen weapon item list * Kill feed * Worldstationhud * Add new weapon iconography * Update more icons * Update Claymore, distruptor, turret and force shield icons Co-authored-by: Lewis Ainslie <hello@lewwis.com>