54 Days Ago
Redist for 1.52 Headers for 1.52 Generator changes to support 1.52 Generated 1.52 Generator comments out SteamInputActionEvent_t.AnalogAction_t types since the type declaration is missing from steam_api.json Connection lanes implementation All SendMessage overloads have optional laneIndex Redist update for test cases Add missing fake IP API to steam_api.json Generated fake IP API Add fake IP support to SteamNetworkingSockets Add fake IP test cases Headers for 1.53 Redist for 1.53 Generated 1.53 Add NetAddress.IsFakeIPv4 RequestFakeIP / GetFakeIP comment fixes Do test case fake IP initialization before login Update test case steamclient.dll et al Merge pull request #612 from Facepunch/steamworks152 Steamworks 1.53 with multi lane and fake IP support