9 Months Ago
DisplayInfo handles passing nulls EntityRegistry runs tool events when entity added/removed DataModel LayoutChanged Added TreeView.UniformRowHeights Initialize ModelIndex to -1 properly Add managed QRectF to make interop things simpler Add Assert.False Paint.DrawText returns size rect Implement our own ItemDelegate in c# Painter SetFont, MeasureText Add Painter.DrawMaterialIcon Cleaned out unused tree shit Add TextFlag for painting text (replaces/swallows Alignment) PaneList restored EntityList restored Allow DataValueNode to be implemented using events Entity list cleanup Tree sorting and filtering tests Option toggle callback Entity list filtering, sort by age Toolbar AddWidget, SetIconSize Filter entities by string Call entity.changed in tools context when dormant status changes Added Rect Expand( x, y ) Don't call Dormant change callbacks if it didn't change Don't create dockWidget if we have one Label can use DataBind Move Inspector code to addon Inspector tweaks Remove placeholder tabs in editor qt update Show inspector and entity list by default, maximize editor window by default