9 Months Ago
Allow specifying HTTP headers in WebSocket.Connect (some are not allowed though) Set appropriate User-Agent and Origin headers (not customizable) Added Paint.AntiAliasing Add Widget.ToolTip, Widget.StatusTip FloatEditor can have an icon instead Add Angles Editor Add Paint.SetBrush( image ) Color editor Select server entity, if available Split classes into files Allow getting DisplayInfo to type to not inherit Inspector navbar Add Option.Enabled Inspector back/forward with history PropertySheet header wip Add mp4 support to CMovieRecorder so we have a working mp4 recorder that we can speed up for runtime use Iron Fences - revised post design and improved texture resolution iron fence - roughness tweak for paint Move sliders from menu to base Make CoC Smoother for shader Initial dev camera DOF UI Remove old DOF stuff from devcam Add the ability to use old CoC Update entity list when entity parent changes Cleanup var names Correct focal point for old coc Merge pull request #143 from Facepunch/dof-settin-devcam DOF Settings menu with devcam. Hold TAB: https://files.facepunch.com/ognik/1b0711b1/2022-01-21_02-16-6a51e513-aa5a-4419-a390-0c91b867974e-ZdXU8wWx.png Disable videomode settings when in tools as it's handled by the widget (prevents user getting into an infinitely tiling window state) Fixed weird ghosting on DOF edge If in full screen tools mode and open the console, disable full screen Added console command "tcmd", which can be used to run events in tools realm Added tool event commands editor.fulltoggle, editor.fulloff, editor.fullon Bind f3 "tcmd editor.fulltoggle" Add Input.GetBindingForButton( string buttonName ) Pressing F keys in editor will run those binds in game, even if the game doesn't have direct focus Removed broken/ fixed Core particles Removed old test maps from /core Updated tags for particles Cleaned up explosion particle Metal Railing Tileset https://files.facepunch.com/louie/1b0711b1/sbox_JRSGuE8OgJ.png Addition models for railing tileset Initial SDF tracing optimizations until multipass rewrite Fix DoF on AMD Allow specifying root namespace Refactoring Expose the ModelEntity's Model as a property Moved Model, Material, Texture into Engine.dll Remove unused RouteDamageToNative ModelProperty placeholder Chop off a pixel when mp4 recording is an odd size so any size can be recorded Aircon - aircon, gibs and mount lod0 Organize Qt defs Bind pixmap Create IAsset.def Create IAssetPreviewSystem.def Create IAssetSystem.def Add Paint.Draw( rect, pixmap ) Add Utility.GetAssetThumb( path ) ModelProperty draws thumbnail AssetSystem hooks Better fix for AMD driver bug on DoF, wrap around problematic instruction Fix startup assert related to duplicate QT layout Fixed start up exception due to a malformed comment Remove glass hack, try and put quad basis into entity key values instead Merge pull request #145 from Facepunch/root-namespace Allow specifying root namespace in the .addon file ``` { "sharedassets": "*.*", "type": "game", "ident": "ognik.spectest", "rootnamespace": "Poop" } ``` https://files.facepunch.com/ognik/1b0811b1/2022-01-18_36-07-333a9692-b006-45ae-9291-ba9d4a2e701b-EM3ZWSxJ.png Icon Attribute, MaterialIcon enum MaterialIcon lookup fix ListView control Add Vector3.Clamp Add min max variant to ClampLength Asset Listing tests Fix Vector3.ClampLength( float minLength, float maxLength ) Fix menu clipping with maps & local games Merge pull request #138 from Facepunch/websocket-headers Allow specifying HTTP headers in WebSocket.Connect Merge branch 'master' into speech