6 Days Ago
Update Steamworks SDK 1.53 Resolve deprecated SteamNetworkingSockets usage Controller API in Sandbox.Engine wrapping Steam Input internally with proper async glyph loading Better controller support in C# Input system with Steam Input. New methods: * Input.UsingController - true if the last input from a user was from a controller (accessible serverside too) * Input.GetAxis( InputAnalog ) - get the raw analog axis from a controller, move / look / triggers. * Input.GetGlyph( InputButton / InputAnalog ) - Get a controller-specific glyph texture for the bound InputButton ( if using controller ) * Input.GetButtonOrigin( InputButton / InputAnalog ) - Get context specific button, e.g InputButton.Jump would return 'SPACE' or 'A Button' Users can bind any InputButton to various controller devices by opening the binding panel from the settings menu. Default configurations for Xbox One and PS4 controllers, other devices should derive nicely from these, let us know if not. InputButton: Obsolete a bunch of unused/unbound buttons that made no sense. Strip native InputSystem of legacy code for XInput / Joystick / Steam Controller.