2 Years Ago
Experiments Update Block Slices in a worker thread (thanks @Metapyziks for pointing out I needed ThreadStatic) Send a connecting player 8 chunks a time but still very quickly Merge branch 'main' into tasks Start fleshing out an Inventory API Stashing work on Inventory API Fixed RPC related issues Added test_item and MainInventory population Added ChunkDataMap (currently only storing block health). Moved some stuff out of Game and into Map. Modifying ChunkDataMap values will network them accordingly. Block health is reset to 100 whenever a new block is created. Cleanup old logs InventoryContainer.Serialize / Deserialize Added NetInventory a convenience BaseNetworkable with custom INetworkSerializer that will perform an initial synchronization of an InventoryContainer Make sure InventorySystem.ClientDisconnected is called to properly clean up InventoryContainer connections Fixed item stacking when using custom data. Refer to item types by library name or generics. Add test stack code. Use library identifier instead of name. Fixed default stack size. Fixed stack size overflow. Merge pull request #1 from Facepunch/tasks Tasks + Inventory + Health