9 Months Ago
Grunts move faster and are cheaper Assault units now take 25s to build Medics have a larger heal range and heal faster and for longer Increased Heavy Health to 175 Increased attack and line of sight radius of Rocketman Increased DPS of Pyro/Cyro and decreased construction cost Decreased DPS of attack drones. Added medic heal ability to Bubble Drone Increased DPS of Hellfire and decreased construction costs Make it clearer what Apache and Buggy require Increase DPS of Tank and Plasma Tank and health of Buggy, speed of Buggy and APC Decreased Command Centre cost Adjusted upgrade costs for command centre and decreased upgrade time Vastly increased Watch Tower LOS Increased effective range of the Radar Jammer Added OccupantGrantsLineOfSight and have Watchtower and Pillbox use it Increased SAM site range and LOS Updated description of Basic Ballistics to emphasize that it affects ANY projectile type