7 Months Ago
Database setup for nexus clans Refactor update variable APIs to allow changing one or more variables in the same transaction Make sure the nexus is active as a part of zone authentication (cleans things up a bit) Fix variable setters not working Add APIs to create clans and read them back (by ID or member ID) Add an API to disband clans (which also broadcasts an event to all zones in the nexus) Split up controller into separate files Add APIs for creating, accepting, and cancelling clan invites Bug fixes API to kick/leave clans APIs to create/update/swap/delete clan roles Add APIs to list and add clan logs Add a new role permission CanAccessLogs Some bug fixes Add API to list clan invitations a player has received Add APIs to update player last seen, player variables, and player role (promote/demote) Write to the clan log when making changes to the clan Swallow exceptions when sending clan events so they can't bring the API down Make all APIs which change the clan return the updated clan info Add parameters to optionally add a log within the same transaction of the set player variables API Add an API to update clan variables with the same log parameters Fix missing CanAccessLogs field Change the endpoint for kicking clan members so it is consistent with other player-related APIs Don't allow removing permissions from the leader role Fix NREs when kicking or changing clan members as a clan leader Fix setting clan and player variables not sending a clanchanged event Add a MaxMemberCount field to clan info (always 0, no limit for now)