1 Year Ago
Initial work for tiled light sorter Remove constant buffer transform code Fire tiledlightbuilder compute shader on views Iterate shader structure for tiled rendering, remove remaints of constant buffer transforms Evaluate cubemaps and lights on compute shader Allow for struct types in generic buffers in VFX Properly index lighting and envmap info on tiled light buffer https://i.imgur.com/5141J1x.png Revert "Fix normals for valve standard shading" This reverts commit 29c62c8422ec364a9acb104da4bc58a12e0ea8ae. Tiled lighting for envmaps and lighting on standard shading model 🏃‍♂️💨 Use 128 lights for clustered instead of 256 Double the perfomance of tiled light build job Pass radius of light to shader so we dont need a sqrt operation on culling Sample shader to visualize tiled rendering Revert "Pass radius of light to shader so we dont need a sqrt operation on culling" This reverts commit 62ca1b89275c339f2db357781ab9cab0f6a8d525. Fix driver crash on Nvidia Fix 'LightSim_MaterialTint has inconsistent value' warning Put tiled code on vr_lighting Much simplify sphere and box intersection tests, add bounding area for nearby tiles Tiled rendering for valve standard shading tiled rendering for envmaps on valve standard shading Correct box hit algorithm for tiled light builder Fix shadow rescaler Work on viewport level, optional single ratio, fixed bug with perfect fitting shadow maps Fix shader compilation Fix spritecard compilation Initial work for VR Instancing for tiled light rendering Fix glows in Vr while we're at it, still pending rewrite Preliminary support for VR in tiled light builder, include objects Remove magic number and reproject view for tiled light builder Treat warnings as errors on shader compilation on internal builds Make tile resolution proportional https://i.imgur.com/2knXfUw.png Fix light typo on vr_lighting Fix warnings on standard shading model Iterate on tiled light builder Fix data races on tiled light builder Fix warnings from core shaders Use 48 wide pixels for each tile Fix Z-Fighting when cubemap bounds is the same as the geometry Update tiled light builder shader objects Fix warnings on blendable and commit shader objects Simplify tiled rendering accessors, add runtime UseTiledRendering render attribute Add r_tiled_rendering convar Update shader objects GPU driven Depth Culling for tiled rendering Use half tile offset for tile coordinates Depth prepass culling for envmaps too, cleanup fix envmaps being fucked up Return max depth for tile, update object files Add r_tiled_rendering_depth_cull Merge pull request #406 from Facepunch/tiled-rendering-merge 🟦🟦🟥🟧🟨🟦🟦 Tiled Rendering Support Reduce queryable size of sphere, optimizes tile volume skip backfacing queries on tiled light builder Cleanup, dont pass depth on non depth prepass Transform camera ray, fix typos when doing box intersection, oops You should be seeing the good perf gains from tiled now Added Color[32].FromRgb[a] Color[32] property consistency cleanup Added some Color[32] tests Fixed -tools not starting if `ServerAddons.TryAdd()` returns null Set BoxPosition attribute when rendering backdrops Fixes blur and other filters not covering WorldPanel correctly AB testing for embree Glass hotspot material Fly swarm particle Fly swarm particle adjustments Added TypeDescription.GetAttributes<T>() Addon Switcher checks for OrdinalIgnoreCase Error list counters will consider the selected package Fixes sbox-issues/issues/2146 Obsolete CameraMode.DoFPoint, DoFBlurSize Add ScenePanel.ForceUpdate() Closes sbox-issues/issues/2151 Don't load into remembered map if the gamemode wants Empty Fix error list resetting its filter on hotload Fix box-shadow's border-radius not matching up Update ErrorList to display specific and nonspecific diagnostic counts https://files.facepunch.com/devultj/1b0911b1/sbox_uORyp1b7BG.png Make Entity.IsAuthority a virtual property When disabling an addon, dispose of it in ServerAddons Fix project settings physics grabbing the wrong metadata Revert "Make Entity.IsAuthority a virtual property" This reverts commit 1533014f19347562cbac07a148ee3926da2f64ad. Add LinearDamping and AngularDamping to PhysicsGroup Add MassScale, LinearDamping, AngularDamping to prop_physics Allow loose .txt and .csv files in published addons Remove dead code causing an error when creating game resources Implement paused state for animation-play-state Only assign and evaluate ConsoleSystem.Caller for console commands Fixes convar assignment while game loop is starting up. Fixes sbox-issues/issues/2158 and paves way for @kurozael's lobby settings. Merge branch 'master' into lobby-settings