1 Year Ago
tv aerial - lods Animgraph: Do a fully copy of parameter properties Fixed game window not being resizable when switching to windowed mode Fixes #413 old window - texture tweaks Merge branch 'master' of sbox Always override loop settings, we don't care about loop settings in the wav file Inherit collision attributes of first shape on a body when adding new ones dynamically More robust warning cleanup for steam audio bird spikes - lodded Merge branch 'master' of sbox Add visibility radius to path baking for SA New Hair! - Mullet + Small Adjustments https://files.facepunch.com/daniel/1b1611b1/Photoshop_FGMATlu9jl.jpg New Scruffy Mullet Hair. + Adjustments to Hoodie textures and Sneaker skinning. Animgraph: Only hide dock widgets that aren't floating when entering fullscreen mode tv aerial - prefab and lods Merge branch 'master' of sbox Change how IsFromMap flag applies so it works in Entity.Spawn Fixed obsolete warning tv aerial - collision Merge branch 'master' of sbox Citizen/animgraph: updated attachments & small graph updates Fixed replicated convars not saving the correct value Fix material browser asset window crashing when selecting "show hidden assets" Merge branch 'master' into lobby-settings