6 Months Ago
Lobby Settings (#432) * Add LobbySettingsPage stub * Initial version of adding lobby settings (I don't love it, still learning this Qt stuff, v0.0.1) * Add first iteration of UI for changing settings in a lobby and applying them as lobby data / should auto update for clients to view * Some cleanup. Don't put lobby settings into seperate tab. Add GameSettingType.Choice (not implemented yet.) Run game setting convars immediately (this seems to set server-side but isn't being replicated??) * Added support for choices in the settings page * Some cleanup. Add support for choice setting types in the lobby settings * Only create all settings if the Game property (package) is set (BaseGamePanel sets it async) * Improved styling a little for GameSettingsPage * Add GameSettings dictionary as a property, ensure a blank default and clean up cookie values if the settings have been removed * Bind GameSettings in GameLobby.html * Added a button to delete a setting * Fix typo * Left-hand scroll pane and add button for settings and tidy up * Updated to use NavigationView and add EditConVarPage * Style tweak * Remove unused code * Some tidy up and add info explaining how they work and a warning that ConVar.Replicated is preferred * Change wording * Change ConVarName description * Automatically update page names when the Display Name is changed * Automatically show a default new setting page if there's none existing. Update the page icon automatically based on display type and if it's a new setting * Remove the big shit delete button and add a context menu on the page item * Default -> Default Value * Fixed documentation on FloatSliderProperty/IntSliderProperty and added Step and Format support * Added GameSettingType.Integer and GameSettingType.Float * Fixed lobby data for game setting convars being stomped by cookies * Added GameSettingType.Float and GameSettingType.Integer support to settings page and lobby * Have the game settings scroll with a max height so they don't end up being overlapped by start game button etc * Update step and format value for game lobby slider control to match the one in project settings * Use gamesettings convar for lobbies and various other feedback fixes * Throw deserialization into try/catch and use ConVar.Server instead of ConVar.Replicated * Hide away "convar." string prefixes from addon code into Set/GetConVar methods for Lobby so the API is nicer * Added documentation to GameSetting * Added some extra doc