5 Months Ago
Remove HasActive guard for value property on Slider as it prevents value change events when dragging the slider Hide the entire map field in the lobby settings when Map Select mode is set to Hidden for a game. This fixes it just showing "Map" with nothing underneath in this mode. Fix list add button sometimes missing Fix PropertySheet warnings Game Settings now support choices with a Value and a Name so that the actual ConVar value can be separated from how it is displayed in the dropdown box Merge branch 'master' of github.com:Facepunch/sbox Fix soundscapes still playing when they shouldn't Delete dota healthbar SFM code that plagued the IToolService and ISource2Engine Dock Error List in default layout Validate valid game setting before loading from cookie Defer setting values for replicated ConVars received from server info (#464) * Defer setting values for replicated ConVars received from server info until the ConVars are added from the game client-side. This fixes connecting clients not having replicated ConVar values set correctly (because the ConVar doesn't exist at the time they receive them.) * Set replicated ConVar values after AddConVar to avoid parent/child ConVar default value mis-match and ensure value is set client-side * Simplify by just sending the initial replicated ConVar values message after the game assembly will have been loaded * Fix case where value would be overriden by an old one Ensure that the max players slider in the lobby settings is correctly positioned when initialized Add world mapping as default to shader api Add toolvis modes to shader api so it's actually visible in hammer Fix toon shader not compiling & recompile Recompile base shader so tool vis modes work on it Fix Client.FetchGameRankAsync by passing an int into TaskSource, it seems like this int is never used although it may have once been, re-evaluate that later Merge branch 'master' of github.com:Facepunch/sbox Add global:: to EnsureSufficientExecutionStack statement Unused Junk Merge branch 'master' into localization