3 Months Ago
Fix addon editor being fucked Add simple_liquid to replacement list too Fixed long exceptions inflating inspector minimum size There weird minimum size increase from contents behavior is still somewhere in Qt's sources. Fixed hidden exception spam on startup Docs + try to mess with api docs website Fix rendering scene to pixmap not working with multisampling enabled Fix save button not working with custom BaseResourceEditor Clothing icons (first iteration) Update clothing icon editor Don't show button text on avatar screen Some entity docs Make DoorEntity.UpdateState private Codegen'd 'To' methods preserve accessibility Ignore vs folder Switch icons to jpg Revert "Citizen: updated meshes for LOD levels 1/2/3 with new skinning pass" This reverts commit df3835dff9ab74bacf1a0b3f9aa9bd2dafe1b8bf. Revert "Citizen: updated skinning on LOD0" This reverts commit 0f754ec4457ac35441c48ca7b004017ed705c163. Temporarily roll back recent Citizen mesh changes while some obscure bone transform issues are being figured out removed legacy clothing items: beret, hardhat, tophat, cap, leathercap, security helmet, wooly hat, service hat, hipsecurityholster, unibrow, dress.kneelength, legacy eyelashes, glasses_stunnershades, glasses_thickrimmed, gloves_workgloves, all legacy hairstyles, tuxedo, legacy hoodie, labcoat, lips, pearl earrings, office shirt, police uniform shirt, service shirt, turtleneck, short sleeve shirt, legacy smart shoes, legacy trainers, heels, workboots, cargo shorts, labtrousers, police uniform trousers, legacy smart trousers, legacy jeans, legacy tracksuit, high vis vest, security kevlar vest Merge branch 'master' of sbox fixed missing texture reference on stylish glasses Fix intersection on box on tiled light builder, don't bother trying to get intersection inside of box Also reenable depth cull Bloat bbox a bit to catch edges, send updated compiled shader Simplified how SceneLights work. If you're creating manual SceneWorlds you might need to tweak your lights.. Tweaking clothing icons Steamworks tweaks New Outfit Piece! - Trackie Bottoms (Grey & Black) We have some new trackie bottoms, with grey and black variations LODs coming asap. https://files.facepunch.com/daniel/1b0811b1/Photoshop_J4U3qrOaBG.jpg New Leaderboards API wraps Steam Leaderboards Merge branch 'master' into glass-rewrite