10 Days Ago
Add a basic asset.party location to the asset browser, remote assets have the drag data of `https://asset.party/{ Org }/{ Ident }` Move ManifestMount to Sandbox.Engine Static ToolRender class uses the current CToolRenderContext context Dropping an asset.party asset on a map view creates an empty prop_static that downloads and sets its model asynchronously Create a remote asset manifest within a map doc, save/load remote assets used within the map Simplify mapdoc remote asset manifest, no need for all these C++ bindings ResourceCompilerMap: parse the remote asset manifest and symlink mount any transient assets just before `CResourceCompilerMap::CollectMapDependencies` ResourceCompilerMap: Put the transient asset manifest in the .vpk - this will serve two purposes: publishing should mount before collecitng dependencies of the map, when loading the map locally we need to fetch/mount these transient assets Mount transient assets in resourcecompiler even earlier with a vmap.meta file, any later and the references get fucked up Clean up all this dmx crap and use Asset.MetaData on the vmap for our transient asset manifest Small cleanup in compilemap, it's okay not to have a .meta file, remove some debug logs Get the debug download text working again, use static dirtying this time so its safer / easier Fix null ref on new maps