2 Months Ago
Just code cleanup to make diffs easier, NULL -> nullptr that sort of shit Backport improved DX11 buffers; these changes mainly focus on structured buffer alignment Remove DX9 only concepts from binding buffers Kill IRenderContext::SetUserClipPlane (Not supported since DX9) vfx_dx: remove dead dx9 code Smarter binding of UAV slots to not conflict with RTVs Fix MAT_OP_STORE_RS_MULTI_SAMPLE_ENABLE never working Backport GPU Buffer methods ( we should be using these for tiled / transform buffers ideally ) DX11: IBs get their SRVs bound differently to VBs Merge fixes from Valve for DX11 renderer - nothing massively major here, some asserts, wrong enum fixes, CopyTexture can use DX11 CopySubresourceRegion instead of shaders DX11: ensure there is always a viewport set for a draw - fixes warning "There are no viewports currently bound. If any rasterization to RenderTarget(s) and/or DepthStencil is performed, results will be undefined." Delete all source files for DX9 & OpenGL renderers